Chava Berman Borowsky

Palestinian Hate: A Death Cult

(WARNING: This article contains graphic descriptions of atrocities)

It’s one of the most spine chilling documentaries you’ll ever see. On October 7th, Israel captured more than 200 terrorists who are now being interrogated in Israeli prisons. Their casual conversations with the interrogators are both appalling and nauseating. 

“Why did you kill citizens? You know many of these people helped the Gazan people and were peace activists.”

One terrorist answers, “It doesn’t matter. We were sent to kill all the Jews and to take back all of Palestine. To us it doesn’t make a difference where they live, every single Israeli is a settler.”

Another terrorist calmly tells us what he did with zero remorse displayed. “I heard a baby cry in the mamad so I shot at the mamad until the crying stopped and I killed the baby.”

A disturbing story emerges. There were two waves of terrorists. The first wave was instructed to kill all the males and take the women and children hostage. The second wave of terrorists were regular unarmed citizens who took corpses and hostages back to Gaza and also managed to kill many Israeli citizens with rocks, hammers, and axes. These people were promised a free apartment and $10,000 if they’d come back with human spoils of war. 

One interrogator asks a terrorist point blank, “If you were able to, would you kill me?” The terrorist doesn’t even hesitate. “Yes, I would kill you.”

The same interrogator shares an irony with the same terrorist who is now a prisoner. “You know that in the West they view you as freedom fighters who committed savage acts because of the blockade in Gaza.”

The terrorist is genuinely confused. “What? Why do they believe that?”

Another terrorist explains what happened without any regret or shame. “All the people I was with raped corpses, only I didn’t rape any corpses.”

Yaron Avraham, a convert to Judaism who grew up in Lod and moved to Gaza when he was 6 years old gives us more background information to clear up the missing pieces of the puzzle.

“When I was 12 years old we were all instructed to come to the graveyard in the middle of the night and lay down in empty graves to prepare us for the ultimate act of holiness, death as a martyr. No one came out of that experience without being seriously disturbed.”

It doesn’t end there. He tells us another horrifying ordeal he and his classmates were forced to endure also in the middle of the night. Two 13-year-old children were accused of acting inappropriately, of having relations with each other, and so they were beheaded in a major spectacle. Any child who cried, and many children did cry at the staggering sight, was immediately punished.

The conversations with the terrorists make it clear that this wasn’t one rampage that was planned a few months in advance. They’ve been educated since babies that the Zionist Jews are subhuman pigs who all need to either die or go back to the countries they came from so that the Palestinians can rightfully return to all of the land that was stolen from them. 

What keeps the hate in perpetuity is UNWRA, the only UN organization who still officially claims that five generations later every single refugee of ‘48 is still an asylum seeker. Bella and Gigi Hadid’s dad, who is a multimillionaire, is still listed as a refugee in the official UNWRA records.

It’s a very simple cycle of hate and violence. The Palestinians incite violence, Israel responds, and then the Palestinians through UNWRA convince the entire world that they are the poor under-dog victims and so they receive massive amounts of funding. The funding, instead of building high risers and creating a sustainable international region of commerce, goes to building hundreds of tunnels that are wide enough to allow trains to pass through. And so the pattern repeats again and again, in a game of rinse and repeat for the past 75 years.

If there’s any hope at all that the terrorists in the documentary and that Gazan children will have a vision of peace and coexistence it’s only once Hamas and UNWRA stop educating generations of children that to kill a Jew is a good deed. In the collective minds of many Palestinians their good and evil are perverted. When a terrorist comes to kill, his only regret is that he wasn’t able to kill even more Jews. And if he dies killing Jews, all the better, he is a martyr who is guaranteed a place in heaven. 

The name of the documentary is הבא להרגך by Tzvi Yehezkel. It’s a must watch hour long documentary. The YT clip attached is a shortened version.

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Chava Berman Borowsky grew up in Los Angeles, CA in an Orthodox community in the La Brea Fairfax neighborhood. She moved to Israel in 2008 and has since lived in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Holon, and Ashdod. Her hobbies include cooking, hiking, painting, and writing.
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