Palestinians are facing a double standard

Biden’s use of particularly murderous cluster bombs and their sending to Ukraine has been a topic of controversy. Apparently, he has been grappling with their use for quite some time, but fortunately, he was able to bring himself to a supposedly difficult decision. 

For quite a while, the US’ aim in the Russo-Ukrainian War has been obvious; Biden wants to win the war. Of course, he found a partner in this in President Zelensky, who himself has similar ambitions, as would probably anyone else in his place. 

This war came quite handy for Biden, as this way, he can display his skills as a global statesman, while not having to make any serious or radical changes to US foreign policy; instead, it is free to aid countries like Ukraine with heavily European ancestry while discarding the suffering of others, particularly those with Arab, African and Asian populations. 

There’s great suffering present in the Middle Eastern and Sub-Saharan African regions, but for some inexplicable reason, the American president has refrained from putting such hurting communities at the front and center of his foreign policy as the Palestinians, for example.  

In both, namely the Israeli-Palestinian and Russo-Ukrainian conflicts, one side is claiming unquestionable authority over a land already inhabited. 

In both conflicts, the inhabitants of the claimed land are fighting back against the attackers. However, while its situation is eerily similar, Palestine doesn’t receive any comparable form of aid from the United States as Ukraine does. 

Yes, from my point of view, the Russo-Ukrainian and Israel-Palestinian wars are indeed comparable. One can make the argument of the difference in sizes of the battling countries as a reason for the US to, on one hand, support Ukraine but on the other support Israel, but Israel is more than equipped to deal with Palestinian terrorism, despite it being similarly small as the West Bank, the Palestinians’ claimed land. 

So why is Biden still backing Israel and not lending Palestinians at least a helping finger in their fight to claim the West Bank as their legitimate home? Well, we’re forgetting just one teeny-tiny thing. 

The United States needs its best friend in the Middle East, as a beacon of freedom and democracy. But if the US is insisting so desperately to fight for freedom, why not let Palestine be free as well? For the US to accomplish peace between Israelis and Palestinians, it doesn’t need one of the two sides, let alone two. As the world’s own policing unit, it is very much in the Americans’ power to simply march into the West Bank and declare a Palestinian state. 

But for Biden, brown-skinned people are just not as important as the blond Slavs. 

Everyone, it’s fine, he’s old school. In his days, Italians weren’t even considered white. Biden’s words are simply filling the silence, they aren’t representative of his beliefs. 

After Trump, we’re back to the most powerful person in the world saying one thing and doing a wholly different thing. 

It’s politics. Sure. As per Biden, he represents the United States as a global champion of democracy, all the while selling weapons to over half of the world’s autocracies. 

As a youngster, a believer in truth and honesty, it does bother me. It does, because he, for some reason likes to remind the world how big of a compromise was his election. 

Is he better than Trump? Sure, but who isn’t? Is he better than maybe anyone else in his party? 

No, and that’s what makes it devastating that all of his would-be opponents in a fictional Democratic primary dropped out before joining the race and endorsed him. 

Biden is not a progressive. He is the opposite. We simply cannot rely on him to make good decisions, because it’s just not in his interest to do so. 

His interest is to perpetuate a circle of violence by upholding the American military-industrial complex. If he accomplishes that by gifting heaps of weapons to Ukraine, he will do that. It’s that simple. But Arab countries and peoples cannot expect his help, just as they couldn’t until now. 

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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