Paris climate final draft agreement – Really???

So the agreements on climate change is what will fix our world?!!!!! Yeah, right !!….

Reductions in”Gas leaks, get off fossil fuels,greenhouse gas emissions neutrality”- really ???

Is this what we think will save our planet?

What are we missing here?

While the human race is at each others throats, the different countries’ representatives are talking about climate change?!!!!!

How much funding do these conferences require? Instead of meeting over discussions of how to bring peace in to our world these esteemed Men and Women are discussing our climate, coming to conclusions and drawing up drafts…

Well here’s my take on things… We are all vibrations – we each and everyone of us vibrate who we are being into the world and the world in thus influenced by who we are being. If we are at war with ourselves- if we harbor fear and hate and anger within us to wards the other then this which is considered our state of being will be vibrated into our world and guess what?  Yes!! Climate change!

You may have heard of the work by the esteemed Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Emoto took water samples from around the world, slowly froze them, then photographed them with a dark field microscope with photographic capability. As each water crystal is unique, around 90 photos would be taken of the same water source, and the water crystal photo that represented the majority would be chosen. He then experimented by using people to talk to the water – some would curse the water – some would bless the water – some water would not be tampered with and the other had music played to it ..The results were amazing – The water that was cursed became polluted and the water that was blessed formed amazing crystals…

Science today is only backing up what the spiritual world has known since time immemorial.. and that is that We, Humankind are the only ones who can change our world for the better by simply bettering our selves.

How do we do this?

We each take inventory. We allow ourselves to go deep down and see how we tell the story about the other.. how does the other live within us… If I think that someone is mean and do not release that image of the other within me then that very feeling that I have of the other will vibrate and deliver the negative relationship we have.

When we release judgements of each other and when we forgive ourselves for doing so and the other for not being who we expected them to be- when we are truly willing to live in acceptance and Peace and take responsibility for the life we have created, the miracle of climate change will happen…

In most of my blogs I will revert to the understanding that our only true enemy is the story we believe that the mind is telling us. The automated mind’s job is to destroy – the mind does not know harmony or the living space of the NOW. It will only conjure up a story that it thinks it remembers from the past or what it is sure that is the future.. Our job is to chose whether to believe the mind or not…

If we chose to live here and now in acceptance and allow our selves to feel love and letting go of what we think we know, we will meet our selves in a new world of goodness..

How will you know that this is true?

Just do it  and the results will appear before you.

About the Author
Born in Israel- Bred in Africa and England.I spent 25 years in the local music industry-was CEO of EMI Music Publishing (Israel). Having left the Industry I developed a method called Be and it Will Be and now mentor people from all walks of life in private,group sessions and lectures.I have appeared on numerous TV programs and had many write ups. I travel the world with my method and hope to bring peace through internal work.Our book is steadily being sold in Hebrew as ״אהיה אשר אהיה״ and worldwide in English and Spanish under the name "The Secret of Effortless Doing". I teach a method that brings Peace within and breaks down walls.
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