Parsha Poem for Korach



Korach’s gang brings burning incense,
In a challenge to their Rav.
Did they learn next to nothing,
From Abihu and Nadav?

Yet there is a clearer vision,
That comes out of this disaster:
Each Jew’s tafkid is designer made,
A craft he’s called to master.

No one else can fill your shoes,
Not in our theology,
Every link is joined together,
In a celestial ecology.

Each Kohain must take pains to shield,
The Levi from overreaching,
Each Levi, then, protects and serves,
The Am, to whom he’s preaching.

And, with love, each Jew provides,
For the families of the Levi’im,
And they, in turn, take maaser from that,
For their brothers, the Kohan’im.

About the Author
Born and raised in the New York City area, Nisan moved in 1967 to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He graduated from Colgate University, and received an MA from William and Mary. Nisan resided in Charlottesville, VA, Newtonville, MA, and Baltimore, MD before making aliyah in 2013. He has been married for thirty-nine years, with three adult children and nine grandchildren.
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