Parshas Shelach 5782

In this week’s Parsha, when the spies came to the land of Canaan they saw that were Giants there and they said they said that the Giants looked at them like they were grasshoppers. Why did they say they looked like grasshoppers to the Giants? Because that is how they perceived themselves.

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski Zt”l quotes Rabbi Henoch Leibowitz Zt”l who cites the Midrash That Hashem didn’t forgive the spies looking at themselves so lowly. If they wanted to they could of look at themselves like Angels and not grasshoppers and that’s how the giants would have perceived them.

Rabbi Meilech Biderman Shlita brings the Sfas Emes that says what the person thinks he ends up hearing. In life sometimes not only do we look at ourselves negatively, but we think that must be the way everyone else perceives us. This is a grave error, we should look at ourselves as people with unlimited potential and then others can perceive us like this too.

May we each be zoche to living up to our potential and more importantly realizing how great we each are and appreciating one another for it. Wishing all a great Shabbos!

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