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Parshat Noah, Megillat Esther – Code 6:13 – G-d’s Eternal Promise


The 6:13 in the heading refers to the actual Paragraph and Verse in both Parshat Noah and Megillat Esther. Both touch upon the same theme that G-d is unhappy when the world is dominated by robbery and dishonesty that can destroy society and man’s ability to live together in peace and harmony.

In the case of 6:13 Parshat Noah, I refer to a series of books entitled Torah Anthology published by Moznaim Publishing – Genesis I – Volume I translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan and written by Yaakov Culi (1689-1732). We have the first edition published showing the Copyright as 1977.

Leaders Were To Blame For The חמס )Crime) That Caused G-d To Send The Flood

On the top of Page 341, the author points out that during the time Noah lived, the leaders were responsible for creating an environment conducive for crime and criminal activities to spread among the general population. But even more interesting, is what is written on top of the following page.

The concept of Truth was totally ignored because the justice system totally broke down. Judges could no longer be trusted to render a fair verdict. It therefore seemed impossible to live peacefully at that time because of the constant danger of being robbed or being tricked by someone who turned out to be your enemy rather than your friend.

 In 6:13 Megillat Esther, it is there that Haman is despondent after being embarrassed by the King and told to lead Mordechai through the city square announcing “this is what is done for the man who the King wants to honor”.

It is in that exact verse that Haman’s family says to Haman “if Mordechai, before whom you have begun to fall is of Jewish decent, you will not prevail and undoubtedly fall before him.

What Can We Learn From G-d’s Promise To Wipe Out Evil Appearing In 6:13 – Parshat Noah & Megillat Esther?  

We know that everything that happens comes from G-d himself and G-d has a Master Plan for the world. But just taking an educated guess, I can assume that G-d is trying to send us a clear message.   

Doesn’t The Environment During Noah’s Time Sound Familiar To Today?

Since 2019 when “The Squad” first appeared in Congress, Torah values flew out the windows of the US Capitol Building.

And that has been followed by the entrance of Joe Biden as 46th US President, who appears to be confused about many things. To abandon Americans stranded in Kabul after the US Military pull-out leads the very long list of bizarre behavior Americans have had to contend with Biden in office.

It is not necessary for me to detail all similarities taking place in America today with what took place during Noah’s lifetime – placing special emphasis on the crime running rampant on American streets today.

But now that the Taliban controls Afghanistan, this will allow Terrorism to continue to expand here in the Middle East.

Israel And My People Stand Together – We Are Ready To Meet Any Challenge Posed By Our Enemies

I previously wrote that the US Military Academy at West Point has not included wars fought and won by Israel in its curriculum teaching Military Strategy. The reason is simply because according to all logic, Israel should not have won those wars.

Looking at other recent events such as Israel being the world leader in vaccinating its citizens against COVID19 or having 4300 rockets fired into our country by Hamas and all their friends causing very minimal damage and casualties, should underscore the fact that G-d continues to protect us. Israelis look after each other and we are very concerned about the lives of each and every citizen as well as Jews throughout the world. A loss of even just one Israeli is a loss to all of us who live here.

We should all be confident that G-d continues to constantly watch over Israel. Therefore the threats coming from our enemies will turn out to be empty words and we should indeed look forward to the day that all our enemies will be forced to lay down their weapons of war.

This is a promise that G-d has made to all of us.

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