Parshat Vayikra

From the moment of creation it has been leading up to this: The “face to face” reunion of man and G-d in the intimacy of the Tabernacle. But, jaded by lifetimes of exile and wandering, we are required to re-attain the purity and guileless innocence of untainted youth. If you are brave enough to shed off some layers of cynicism and skepticism and are ready to take on the you you were meant to be, the book of Leviticus is the perfect place to rediscover the original self you left behind long ago.

About the Author
Rabbi Chaim Richman is the director of the international department of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. For over three decades the Temple Institute has been dedicated to every aspect of the Biblical commandment to build the Holy Temple. Through its research and educational programming, the Institute seeks to highlight the universal significance of the Holy Temple as a house of peace and prayer for all nations.
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