Peace message from a child

My 11-year-old daughter, Emma Rose, sent me a text message with a poem for peace that she wrote by herself. Emma is a leader and always has words of wisdom that heal and bring hope. Sometimes the most important messages we hear, come from children who are the future of our world.

Heal the World & Bring Peace
By: Emma Rose Kipnis (age 11)

Hammering hatred happens and heals the world when you hug, happy, and hopeful humans.

Fighting cannot force out violence but understanding each other will form friendships and unite.

The process of promises and positivity can achieve peace.

Creating peace through communication and compromise can collectively accept peoples contributions to create a world of comfort.

Love is life and life is love. Live each day through laughter and light.

The future is to forgive and form friendships for we only have one life.

To define democracy, we denounce hatred and drive fairness for divine justice and freedom.

We are born to love and bring our brains to blindness of bad ideas because the color of our skin or background doesn’t bring or define our destiny, for the human heart beats the same in us all.

People understand that freedom and fairness is forever our fundamental right. When power is properly used, purpose is achieved. If power is misused then passion, peaceful protest, and patience is the price to push for change.

Violence does not evoke victory in a civilized society. It drives division highlighting insignificant differences; humans are all one and share the same creator.

We, the people, are blessed with diversity and differences that can define dreams when we turn on the light and walk away from the darkness.

When people inflict pain in pursuit of personal prosperity, they need wisdom to persuade their perspective that their plight is misguided for peace on this planet.

Believing in peace is the first step to be building and being brave to make a better world for all beings.

About the Author
Rochelle Kipnis is a former News Reporter and Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has helped hundreds of children with autism. Rochelle is a holistic, homeschooling mother to three children, wife to an attorney who was the first modern Orthodox Jewish person to run for United States Congress in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. Rochelle lives in suburban New Jersey.
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