Steve Wenick

Peace or War

The only way Israel can win the peace is to win the war. She can do so by defeating the remaining four battalions of Hamas terrorists cornered in Rafah. But Biden’s threat to withhold military supplies to Israel if she enters Rafah, sends a clear message to Hamas that he does not want Israel to win the war. That coupled with Senator Chuck Schumer’s outrageous interference into Israel’s affairs, by calling Israel’s Prime Minister an obstacle to peace and calling for his ouster, only encourages Hamas to continue to patiently wait for the US to pressure Israel into submission. If that occurs, it will give Hamas time to rebuild and reconstitute its military assets in preparation for its promised next October 7th pogrom.

So instead of threatening Israel with red lines, Biden should demand Hamas release all the hostages and surrender immediately. But unbelievably, he chose to reward Iran, that sponsor of world terrorism and benefactor of Hamas and Hezbollah, with the release $10 billion dollars to its terror war chest.

The only explanation for Biden’s threatened betrayal of Israel is his fear of the loss of the support of his party’s growing contingent of morally challenged anti-Israel members, in November’s elections. America’s support of Israel will rest, either in the hands of the antisemites, or the  Jewish community. It’s up to us to decide.

About the Author
Since retiring from IBM Steve Wenick has served as a freelance book reviewer for HarperCollins Publishing and Simon & Schuster. His reviews and articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Algemeiner, Jerusalem Online, Philadelphia Inquirer, Attitudes Magazine, and The Jewish Voice of Southern New Jersey. Steve and his wife are residents of Voorhees, New Jersey.
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