People Before Profit: A Long History of Antisemitism Worsened By The Day

We can’t applaud calls for more sanctions which are hurting ordinary Russians and only bolstering the Putin regime at home.”

Statement from PBP (6/4/22) (Sean Defoe:

Yesterday, President of Volodymyr Zelensky addressed both Houses of the Oireachtas – joining a select number of international leaders to do so. With the government, opposition and ordinary Ukrainians in attendance, his speech was well received – even by Sinn Féin. Of course, there was and is always one exception: People Before Profit. This cabal of Marxists ‘stood in solidarity‘ but refused to clap because that would be seen as endorsing Zelensky’s call for sanctions against the Evil Empire, which would only hurt ordinary Russians. I am sure President Zelensky’s express wish that Ukraine become a ‘Big Israel’ after defeating Russia, was in their minds as well. For myself and many others in Irish politics watching on, it was disingenuous to say the least. From PBP, the message was one of: the people of Israel are not ‘ordinary people.’ Once again, a special standard exists for the Jewish people and the Jewish State compared to every other country in the world.

This ‘special standard‘ as it were was quickly picked up upon by Former Fine Gael Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter (who was also the last Jewish Minister & TD in the Dáil):

Of course,PBP enthusiastically advocate imposition of sanctions on Israel.Cldn’t be that their enthusiasm to sanction Israel & lack of enthusiasm to applaud Volodymyr Velensky has anything to do with him being Jewish & Israel being an independent,democratic,Jewish state.Could it?

Herein, lies the crux of their hypocrisy. PBP are perhaps the most zealous of BDS disciples in Ireland, and have hijacked hours of Oireachtas time to demonise Israel. In fact, as it stands more time has and will have been allocated to pushing the Amnesty International Report on Israel than the war in Ukraine. Only a few weeks ago, PBP called for sanctioning of Israel over the report. Their almost singular purpose is to sanction Israel for the crime of existence. Hence, Israelis are to be regarded as undeserving of equality. Israelis are not to be treated the same as ‘ordinary people’ in Russia or China. Israelis are not a people to be protected from the alleged impact of sanctions on ordinary citizens, instead Israelis are the only peoples who are extraordinarily eligible for sanctions – when others are not.

As put by Editor of Gript, John McGuirk (in an article on one particular PBP TD):

So why does he [Paul Murphy TD] not worry about the impact of sanctions on ordinary Israelis? Why does he not worry that sanctions, in that case, might bolster support for the Israeli Government, which he openly opposes? If sanctions are a dangerous and unreliable tool which might hurt Russians, then why are Israelis different? If we treat Paul Murphy as a serious politician, then the only conclusion we can draw is that he doesn’t mind hurting ordinary, innocent, Israeli civilians.

To focus on that particular TD for a moment, Paul Murphy has one of the worst track records in Ireland (if not the world) on Israel. A frequent sailor on the Hamas-supported Freedom Flotillas, Paul has opposed IDA Ireland investing in Israel and has sought to expel the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland on countless occasions. Whilst a Member of the European Parliament, Murphy called for the “overthrow the capitalist establishment of Israel.” It gets better. Murphy goes on to say that a mass resistance movement by Palestinians could hopefully lead to a new wave of Islamist terrorism against innocent Israelis: “They [Palestinians] can inspire a new intifada based on mass resistance, not diplomatic maneuvers. This is key in the fight for real liberation.” For someone so concerned with the plight of ordinary people, it is quite telling that he would so readily endorse Palestinian terrorism which over two Intifadas killed over 1,400 Israelis. But then again Israelis are not ordinary people to Murphy & Co. Murphy is no exception to the rule in PBP, he is the norm or the standard aspired to by its members.

Rivalling if not trumping Sinn Féin, People Before Profit are the most staunchly anti-Israel, antisemitic party in the country. During Hamas’s War on Israel in May 2021, they brought forth a motion to expel the Israeli Ambassador for the Jewish State simply defending itself against terror. A few years ago, one of their Dublin Cllrs and several activists took down only the Israeli flag at a European sailing competition in Dun Laoghaire to protest Israel once again defending itself against Hamas. The party expressed solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn, on the day the EHRC report into his antisemitic leadership of the party and have called accusations of antisemitism ‘a Witch hunt against Corbyn and Labour.’ The party denies that Corbyn has ever been antisemitic in any way, shape or form and also lauded Ken Livingstone, Jacqueleine Walker and Marc Wadsworth as anti-racists that the Witch Hunt came for… The party’s recommended response to being charged with antisemitism is to ignore the charge entirely, and to state ‘I am a proud supporter of the Palestinians. Israel IS a racist state! Palestine will be free from the river to the sea!’ Boyd Barrett, the well-educated mouthpiece of the party, has called for the abolition of Israel and to be named Palestine – as well as condemning a Hezbollah Media Manager’s denial of entry to Britain. A party dogmatically antisemitic, and proud of it. Yet they don’t believe it to be antisemitism, they believe it to be socialism, or Trotskyism, or anti-War activism, or pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel activism – anything but the truth of what it is – because no one on the Left can ever be antisemitic to their mind. To add insult to injury, Barrett got up in response to lament why weren’t we talking about Israel on a day the Ukrainian President asked for Ireland’s help to defeat Russia…

Yesterday, People Before Profit could not help but display their antisemitic core. One standard for Russians, another for Israel. Defending their decision not to clap, Bríd Smith TD said Israel was different because Palestinians were calling for the sanctions…. So Ukrainians calling for sanctions cannot be supported because they hurt ordinary Russians, but Palestinian calls for sanctions must be supported because Israelis aren’t ordinary people. They aren’t human. They don’t feel pain. They don’t hurt like other people do. They don’t die how others do. For this racist camarilla, Israelis only exist to be hated not humanized. Yesterday was no exception.

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