Perception vs reality – sifting through the lies

One might be forgiven for thinking all is lost for Israel following the Hamas massacre of October 7th. Both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority promise that this is just the first of “a hundred” such attacks against Jews.

The might of the EU, UN, ICJ, ICC and an erratic US all seem to be stacked against the Jewish state.

That’s the perception. The reality, of course, is very different.

In the Middle East, perception – symbolism – is everything. Actual fact, actual reality, just gets in the way of a good narrative.

There’s “narrative”. Then there’s actual reality
Here are some of the current claims doing the rounds in the wake of the Hamas war against Israel.

1. The ICJ declared that it is “plausible that Israel is carrying out genocide in Gaza”. No. What the ICJ actually ruled was that Gazans – like any other population – have a “plausible right” to be shielded from genocide, and furthermore that the country that presented the case on behalf of the terrorist regime, South Africa, has a legal right to present such a claim in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ offers no comment whatsoever on whether the allegations are justified. Hamas and their useful idiots in South Africa and elsewhere know this perfectly well, but why let facts get in the way of a good “narrative”?

“Genocide”? Then why is Israel supplying MORE aid, MORE water than before the war?

2. The ICC issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant, as well as three Hamas arch-terrorists. It’s an indescribable moral disgrace to equate democratically elected Netanyahu and Gallant defending their country, with despotic terrorist Hamas butchers Sinwar, Deif and Haniyeh who planned, financed and executed the pogrom against 1200 people on October 7th and illegally abducted another 250. So-called “analysts” are avoiding the massive elephant in the room – that ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan is a Muslim who is performing his duty by working methodically to remove every vestige of safe space for Israelis. Khan accuses Israel of “genocide” in the Gaza Strip. The US disagrees, as does most of Europe. Israel is supplying Gaza with MORE water than it did before Hamas’s attack, and there are MORE avenues for aid supply to Gaza today than before the Hamas pogrom, but Khan simply avoids the truth – “genocide” is a tonic that feeds the pro-Palestinian addiction to “narratives”.

3. Israel has destroyed water supplies in Gaza. No. Hamas has systematically and frequently targeted water supplies to Gaza in order to inflict a humanitarian catastrophe on their own citizens, who they use as human shields.

4. Israel is restricting aid to Gaza. No. Hamas has repeatedly and systematically bombed all the aid crossings into Gaza in order to inflict a humanitarian catastrophe on their own citizens, who they use as human shields.

5. Israel is restricting the supply of electricity to Gaza. No. Hamas has systematically and frequently bombed power supply infrastructure to Gaza in order to inflict a humanitarian catastrophe on their own citizens, who they use as human shields.

6. Israel is restricting the supply of food and medicine to Gaza. No. The UN is failing to properly distribute the stockpiles of supplies that are steadily building up. What the UN does distribute, is immediately stolen by Hamas and sold illegally on the black market in Gaza.

7. Israel is targeting civilian infrastructure in Gaza. No. Hamas is illegally using civilian infrastructure to carry out its terror activities. Hamas uses mosques, UN schools, UN kindergartens, UN hospitals, UN clinics, UN civilian vehicles and UN and other ambulances as cover for their terrorist attacks. From the legal standpoint, as soon as civilian infrastructure is used for military purposes, it becomes a legitimate military target to remove the threat.

The EU offers its condolences for the death of Ebrahim Raisi, the Butcher of Tehran

8. The “Butcher of Tehran” President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash in Iran, together with the Iranian Foreign Minister and other officials. The UN Security Council observed a minute’s silence to “honor” Raisi, who had thousands of civilian Iranian deaths to his name – political dissidents, girls who dared dress in a way that displeased him, gays, Jews. EU bigwig Josep Borrell wrote that “the European Union offers its condolences for the death of President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ebrahim Raisi”. There are very few Europeans who support either the UN’s or the EU’s Armani-suited, tax-dodging elites in their pious claim of empathy for the Butcher of Tehran. There’s a vast chasm between what the well-paid UN and EU elites say, and what the people who are forced to pay their salaries think.

Massacre, beheadings, rapes, abductions rewarded with statehood

9. Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, bombing, shooting, knifing, burning alive, gang-raping and beheading 1200 Israelis and kidnapping another 250. The Hamas massacre was publicly supported by the Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmud Abbas, the financial mastermind behind the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacre where 11 Israeli Olympic athletes were slaughtered. Mahmud Abbas is a serial Holocaust denier, and is currently in the 18th year of his 4-year tenure as president, without the minor inconvenience of intervening elections. So it’s only natural that the UN and EU now wish to reward both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority with recognition of Palestine as a state. Norway is leading the drive to recognize “Palestine”. It is laughable that the Nobel Peace Prize is issued by Norway – the country that leads the charge to defend terrorists and give them diplomatic protection so they can safely continue their antisemitic attacks against Israel.

10. Then there’s that nonsensical claim that “Israel occupies Gaza”. No. The only Jews in Gaza are those illegally kidnapped from inside Israel and now being held as human shields around Hamas leaders Sinwar and Deif. When Israel left Gaza in 2005, even dead Jews were dug up from their graves and reburied inside Israel to satisfy the racist ethnic cleansers of Gaza. But that wasn’t enough – 19 years later the Gazans invaded Israel and took Jews back to Gaza to use in their customary slave trade and to barter their body parts.

11. Finally, if you want to know just how barbaric and obscene the Iranian-trained and funded Hamas pogrom was, here is a video clip released by Hamas which shows just some of the brutality and depravity that Israel is up against. Viewer discretion is advised, and make sure no children are anywhere near your device while this is playing.

Does anyone still agree with the UN, the EU, Norway and all those sanctimonious, well-fed armchair critics of Israel? This is what the Jewish state is fighting against, to free the hostages and ensure that Hamas can never – EVER – have a political or military foothold in Gaza. Cost what it may politically, diplomatically, financially. Never again is now. Today.

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Served as deputy chair of the West Sweden branch of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association. Written three political thrillers about Sweden-Israel-Gaza in The Hart Trilogy: "Bridges Going Nowhere" (2014), "The Threat Beneath" (2015) and "From the Shadows" (2016), where the action switches seamlessly between Samaria, Gaza, Israel, Sweden and Iran. Work has started on a fourth book, "Picture Imperfect".
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