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Adina Laura was born in Romania and moved abroad when she was 17. Since then she lived in some of the most beautiful countries in Latin America and Europe. She has published 8 books and is passionate about gender equality, education and social justice.

Places you need to discover: Sibiu, Romania

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Sibiu is a medieval city in Transylvania (Romania) famous for the Saxon heritage, picturesque streets, and charming sights.
For years, Sibiu has occupied top positions in Forbes list of Europe’s Most Idyllic Places to Live, being a treasured romantic getaway for Europeans.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the small Romanian city was also named the European Capital of Culture in 2007 as it offers various cultural attractions like: theater and film festivals, dance competitions and musical concerts. This cultural gem is also a culinary delight due to the regional cuisine which is characterized by diversity and multicultural influences. Add to this delightful mix even the medieval architecture and the historical attractions and you’ll get one of the most interesting places in Europe.

There are endless things to do and places to check in Sibiu so I’ll go on naming my top 5.

  1. Transylvania’s Farmer Market is an open- air market, and weekly event which takes place on Saturday morning. The event brings together local producers, artisans and farmers who offer a wide variety of organic and fresh fruits, vegetables, meat specialities, pastries and cheeses.
  2. Arhiva de Cafea si Ceai (The Coffee and Tea Archive) is the best coffee place in town, being something like an institution for local coffee lovers. This cozy cafe is famous for the intimate atmosphere and the coffees and teas it serves. If you ever make it to Sibiu and to the Coffee and Tea Archive, you shouldn’t walk out the door without trying one of their homemade cakes, as they are too delicious.
  3. Jules is the perfect place for those who chase the exquisite gourmet experience. This charming bistro is found in the historic downtown, offering the perfect setting for romantic dinners, family celebrations or elegant power lunches. The menu is multifaceted, having a variety of authentic French delicacies, and the creative twist, culinary skills and no- fuss brilliancy, are best seen in the seafood dishes.
  4. The Medieval Festival of Transylvanian Citadels takes place each year at the end of August and it’s something like a mesmerizing voyage back in time. The medieval extravaganza is showcasing the magic of a bygone era thanks to the knight fighting scenes, dance shows and concerts, and medieval craft workshops. If you think you’re never too old for fairytales and legends, this setting might be perfect for you.
  5. Sibiu Jazz Festival. Sibiu enjoys a variety of music festivals but the jazz festival taking place at the beginning of May is truly a cultural highlight. Thanks to its longevity, international success and positive outcomes when it comes to promoting emerging jazz artists, the festival has transformed Sibiu into Romania’s Jazz Capital.
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