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Nature of Israel

Poem – Snaky

Legless lizard [Julian Alper]
Legless lizard [Julian Alper]
Strolling in the woods late in the day,
The sun was setting,
Our shadows were lengthening,
And there, by the side of the path
A snake, still as could be.
Was it alive? Or was it dead?
Was it asleep?
Or just petrified and playing dead?
We approached.
Why weren’t we afraid?
It didn’t seem threatening,
But it could have been dangerous,
About to attack.
It could have been venomous,
A deadly poisonous snake.
Why weren’t we frightened?
But what sort of snake?
It wasn’t a viper. It wasn’t a whip snake.
We researched with Google.
A legless lizard.
It was legless,
But was it a lizard?
Could this snake really be a lizard?
How cunning, how deceiving!
It wasn’t dangerous,
About to attack.
It wasn’t venomous,
It wasn’t a poisonous, deadly snake.
But how sneaky, to look so snaky!
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I am an Amateur Photographer living in Tiberias, having made Aliyah from Manchester, UK. When not out and about with my camera I work as a Hi Tech Consultant. This is my website - You can see my contributions to Wikipedia - And this is my YouTube channel -
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