Polar cap melts and Israel imports more cars. Theft on Israel’s beaches

Yesterday I thought a news report I was reading was an April Fools’ Day joke. According to the report, temperatures in the Arctic could surpass the freezing point this winter for the first time in recorded history and current temperatues in parts of England could surpass those on the North Pole. The sudden stratospheric warming caused by a heat wave is disturbing the jet stream (this is called a polar vortex), pushing masses of cold air southwards.

Temperatures on the North Pole are some 30 degrees above normal. Meanwhile, the area covered by sea ice on the Southern Pole has declined some 40 percent in the past four years.

More pot-bellied beeping motorists

This January more than 40,000 new cars poured onto Israel’s roads. Does Israel really need more pot-bellied beeping motorists? Israel does not manufacture cars; it must also import the gasoline for the vehicles. And what about the environment? Why not invest in public transport? The failure in recent decades to make massive investments in public transport has already cost Israel tens, if not hundreds of billions of euros. Not to speak of the effects on the environment, human beings and animals.

Statistical manipulation and the disabled

We have recently witnessed “news reports” claiming that the disabled will be receiving “record increases” in pensions amounting to “billions of shekels”. The increases usually amount to a couple of hundred shekels a month times hundreds of thousands of people over a number of years. Why not report that the disabled will receive a record hundreds of billions of shekels (just don’t mention that it’s over the next few centuries)?

While politicians were voting to deny the disabled a minimum salary they also voted to increase their own salary by 5,000 shekels a month since they themselves are not capable of living on a paltry 40,000 plus a month. Even the religious parties support a political system based on materialism and greed.

Why is it so easy to rob people on the beaches of Tel Aviv?

After returning to Israel in the summer of 2016 I slept several dozen times on the beaches of Tel Aviv. Every night it was the same story. You drift off and within a half an hour to an hour you awaken after feeling a hand in your back pocket, or awaken to see an Eritrean sitting next to you, or several circling around you. This also happened to me a few weeks ago on my return trip from Eilat.

I have also heard countless stories of people who were robbed – usually by Africans. Why do you think the homeless sleep on the sidewalks and not the beach? Of course the authorities don’t want people to sleep on the beach and could care less if they are robbed while doing so. This also has the effect of inciting people against African immigrants.

Every year thousands of people – if not tens of thousands – “lose” smartphones, money or other possessions on the beaches. While not all of the offenders are Eritrean, from what I’ve witnessed a great number are. Of course most Eritreans do not rob people. It is up to the Eritreans and those who oppose their deportation to do something about this situation.

About the Author
Asaf Shimoni is an author, journalist and translator who returned to Israel on October 1, 2023 after spending more rhan 40 years abroad, most of them in the Netherlands. He is currently milking cows on a kibbutz after living for five months in Haifa. He grew up near Boston, made aliyah while living on a kibbutz (from 1973 to 1976), and graduated from Syracuse University in 1978. He also lived some 5 years in Sicily. He believes that the media should be as critical and truthful as possible.
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