Negotiating a disaster

After years of extensions and capitulations, the P5+1 negotiating team of nations is nearing a nuclear agreement with Iran. Perhaps soon, Ali Khamenei, its Supreme Leader will extend his crinkled blood soaked evil hand to affix his signature to a farce. Cheers will erupt and champagne glasses click away as toasts to peace are made by the drunken witless negotiators who paved the way for an Iranian bomb.

Like a scene from a movie, I envision Khamenei will wink at his lead negotiator; Javad Zarif as if to suggest “job well done.” As Zarif is shaking Secretary of State John Kerry’s hand assuring him he didn’t mean to yell at him all those times, he is suddenly interrupted by an announcement the President of the United States is about to speak via satellite. Confident in his nefarious dream of an Islamic bomb (how else can you explain it?), Obama is glowing in high definition as he exclaims to his friends “salaam alaykum – peace be upon you”. The President ends his comments with a promise that an invitation to his Iranian counterparts to visit the White House will be forthcoming. It will be a celebratory gathering that no doubt like-minded friends from the NY Times, NPR, the BBC, Al Jazeera and academia will be swept up in a joyous mood believing that we are at peace with the Islamic world.

But that’s where this imaginary scene fades. For there will be no peace and only a fool would believe otherwise. One only needs to glance at history to understand dictatorial regimes never rest in their desire to achieve hegemony.

Since its 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran has been on a murderous path. There is not enough space here to detail Iran’s atrocities which are seemingly infinite. Holding American hostages for 444 days, murdering 241 Marines in Beirut, financing and funneling heavy arms and missiles to Hezbollah and Hamas, backing worldwide terrorism particularly targeting the United States and Israel, depriving its own society of any semblance of freedom merely scratches the surface. They are the only country on earth today that directly threatens to wipe another nation off the map. “The destruction of Israel is non-negotiable” was recently stated by one of Iran’s leading Generals. Only the destructive power of a nuclear arsenal could achieve that genocidal statement.

For 20 years, this Islamic menace to civilization pursued a clandestine nuclear weapons program. Once discovered, the United States and other countries entered negotiations with Iran – an irreparable mistake. Drowning in oil and lacking a realistic need for nuclear power, it should be obvious Iran has long desired an impenetrable deterrent in order to blackmail the world into submission.

Leaked documents from the almost completed negotiations suggest Iran will have a ten year period of lessening or total deletion of economic sanctions. Countries will again be in business with Iran with billions of dollars freed to fuel that country’s economy with enough cash to complete its nuclear infrastructure. Oh but don’t you know inspections are part and parcel of the agreement? According to the Iranians, only those sites they approve may be inspected. Past, present and future military nuclear sites are off limits. Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM’s) program designed to carry nuclear or biological and chemical warheads has never been part of the negotiations. Why?

President Obama has admitted in a flash of 10 years, Iran’s breakout time to an operational nuclear weapon will be only moments away. That is if you believe, as he evidently does, Iran will abide by the P5+1 agreement. They won’t. This means we may wake up one day with the news Iran test fired this hellish weapon and civilization will forever be altered. Israel will not allow the second Holocaust in a span of 70 years. Unlike then, Jews have a powerful military capacity and “never again” is not merely a saying. The Sunni Arabs, Turkey and every other country with a checkbook is now in the market to purchase nuclear weapons. Why not? If we allow deadbeat regimes in North Korea and now Iran to acquire these weapons, why shouldn’t they?

After January 2017, Barack Obama will no longer be the President of the United States. Unlike his Administration, perhaps the next president will understand Iran in possession of nuclear weapons is non-negotiable.

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William Pollack own and radio, TV stations and movies theaters in the USA currently residing in Memphis, TN.
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