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Prelude to World War III

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We have never come closer to World War III. Amidst the most evil and brutal bloodbath by Hamas of 1,400 Israelis and another 200+ taken hostage into Gaza, Israel is entering its biggest and most difficult war since the surprise attack of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Further, northern Israel is ready to explode, with Hezbollah terrorists ready to infiltrate and 150,000 rockets poised to fly into Israel’s population centers and critical infrastructure.

Meanwhile, for the last 20 months, Russia has been battling it out in Ukraine, holding 20% of the country while pulverizing the rest with artillery and drones amidst threats of nuclear weapons and potentially seeking further conquest into the heart of Europe. Moreover, Russia is tightening up on the latest “axis of evil” between itself, China, North Korea, and Iran.

The U.S. has moved two aircraft carrier groups into the Mediterranean and shot down missiles in the Red Sea from Yemen this week, presumably on the way to Israel, while Iraq and Syria are poised to get into the fight as well. Around the world, tens of thousands of Hamas supporters are marching, seemingly looking for any excuse to propagate Israel and Jewish hatred and escalate to attacking synagogues, harassing Jewish students on campuses, and even perhaps perpetrating 19th-century pogroms in our modern-day metropolises. Already, yesterday, a Detroit synagogue president was found stabbed to death outside her home.

Posters of women and children hostages who were taken by Hamas are being pulled down from the streets, while Hitler is being resurrected as the “ultimate problem solver.” Russia has pulled out of the last remaining nuclear treaty with the West and is moving to restart nuclear weapons testing. China is pouring billions into its military as it is itching to attack Taiwan and take control of the South China Sea. North Korea and Iran are advancing their nuclear weapons and missile delivery capabilities and threatening the West. Many who are anti-Israel are celebrating the invasion of south Israel and the murderous rampage by Hamas terrorists, while Iran’s parliament is chanting “Death to Israel” as it has prior chanted “Death to America.”

In Hamas’s attack on Israel, there are children beheaded, old people burned alive, women raped and tortured, children murdered in front of parents, and parents executed in front of children—and these are obscenely viewed as somehow morally acceptable to many who sing along with the Palestinians for Israel’s genocidal extinction, “From the river to the sea.”

The morally corrupt United Nations and their “Human Rights” Council, which routinely practice human wrongs (as Alan Dershowitz has astutely pointed out), seek to condemn Israel for virtually any act of self-defense or separation from the terrorists, while Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad target civilian population centers and hide behind human shields. Elsewhere in our mad world, Russia invades and occupies portions of Ukraine, Georgia, and all of Chechnya; China holds a million Uyghurs in “reeducation” camps;” and for a decade, under the demagogue Bashar al-Assad, about 600,000 people have been brutally murdered in Syria’s one-sided “civil war.” Aside from an abundance of condemnations and resolutions of tiny Israel, all we can hear from the unjust U.N. against the rest of the world is nothing but crickets.

In the meantime, political or other opponents are poisoned, thrown off balconies, imprisoned on trumped-up charges, or otherwise disposed of in communist and Islamist countries, and their people are held hostage to their government’s every maniacal whim and routine oppression. Sanctions and containment of evil regimes seeking nuclear weapons  have completely failed, while our democracies seek continued appeasement and the release of billions of dollars in cash to our enemies.

Russia is doubling its military budget, and China’s defense budget is seen as almost on par with the United States. After the U.S.’s withdrawal, Iraq is now under the influence of the megalomaniac Ayatollah of Iran, and Afghanistan has been lost to the Taliban. In the meantime, Europe continues to undercut its target 2% defense allocation, instead relying on Big Brother America to come to their aid through NATO.

The space race is heating up with who will colonize Mars first, while the militarization of space is not far behind with the establishment of the U.S. Space Force, just the latest incarnation of what is to come. In the meantime, Russia and China can now blow up our satellites with “killer” missiles and launch hypersonic missiles at us before we know what hit us.

As the terrorists, anarchists, and some on the alt-left march and overturn our cities to outbursts of “Allah Akbar,” “Intifada,” and “Jihad” amidst the burning of and spitting on Israeli and U.S. flags, the biased media, looking for their next splash headline, thrills to falsely blame Israel for the Gaza hospital bombing. Similarly, despite the Palestinians’ repeated refusal to accept generous offers of peace, the media continues to report on Israel’s “occupation” and “apartheid,” including in Gaza, where Israel unilaterally withdrew more than 18 years ago and in return has suffered relentless Hamas missile barrages, attack tunnels, abductions, and sadistic killings.

The world is on the moral and murderous brink, and there are weapons of mass destruction to make it happen deadly fast. One spark can ignite the whole colossal, flammable mess, and with it, the doomsday we all fear but suspect could be coming soon. Let us hope and pray that this is the prelude not to World War III, but rather to the coming of Mashiach.

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Andy Blumenthal is a dynamic, award-winning leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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