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President Biden and the Biden Family – Impeach or Imprison

The following rant is strictly my opinion, and, fair warning, some of you will not agree with it. But that’s okay. Unless I time-traveled last night and woke up this morning in Soviet Russia circa 1930 this is still America, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still the law of the land.

I have refrained from writing political blogs for a while now. Frankly, current events have been too upsetting. But I have reached the point where I simply must “get some things off my chest.” I feel like the character in the movie, Network, who shouted “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Like most of you I try to stay abreast of the news. However, whenever I do so I get depressed, ill, angry, or all of the above. Simply put, unless you are a terrorist, an illegal immigrant, a criminal, an anti-Semite, hate Trump, hate America, or an oblivious Ivory Tower liberal or elite at the present time there is nothing positive occurring in the country or, for that matter, the world. In just three years President Biden, his Administration, and his supporters, both in the mainstream media and among the general public have been systematically ruining this country and everything it has stood for. In his tenure I cannot think of one positive accomplishment. Not one. Can you? I challenge you, the reader, to identify one positive accomplishment.

We would have better off if he had done nothing, just hidden in his basement and slept for three years. But he has done worse than nothing. In my opinion, his actions and policies have been severely detrimental to America. I don’t know if they have been driven by ignorance, stupidity or a combination of the two, but the result is the same. Truly, it seems like he is the “Manchurian Candidate.” More on that later.

I don’t have the time and space to articulate all of Biden’s detriments, but below please find the most egregious.

When he took office, the US was energy independent for the first time. We were pumping enough oil and gas not only to supply our needs but also much of the world. On day one, he ordered the cessation of drilling, and closed down the pipeline that was supplying much of our oil. Soon, we went from energy independence to having to beg the Middle East sheiks for oil. Furthermore, this action has propped up the economies of Iran and Russia, among others, which has enabled them to foment terrorism and the war in Ukraine.

Under President Trump illegal immigration was a mere trickle. He was building a wall and had enacted various other measures to control it. Biden halted the construction of the wall and has systematically dismantled most of President Trump’s immigration policies. The predictable result was that illegals have been pouring in over the southern border. We don’t know how many (estimates run as high as 12 million), where they are from (all over), why they are here, and what they will do (nothing good). What we do know is they have caused increases in crime, strained our economic and social resources and divided the country further. Incredibly, the Biden Administration has been treating them better than American citizens. They are not all asylum-seekers. They are not all here seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Those are myths. In fact, many of them are single fighting-age males. Many of them have come from Russia, China, Iran and other countries that hate us and want to harm us. Young adult single fighting-age male refugees from China, Russia and Iran seeking asylum? Seriously? It is just as likely their governments sent them here to spy and cause other problems. Far-fetched? If you know your history you will recall that Japan employed this very tactic prior to WWII. This will be, perhaps, the most damaging of his actions long term.

When Biden took office we were not engaged in any wars. None. Terrorist groups were under control. Moreover, our enemies feared and respected us. Now, there are various wars, notably in Ukraine and the Middle East. Various terrorist groups have been operating with impunity. Iran, China and Russia have been saber-rattling. The world is a very dangerous place. It is easy to imagine WWIII breaking out. Biden has not been as strong a supporter of Israel, our only reliable ally in the Middle East, as previous presidents. In particular, he has been pressuring Israel to accept a two-state solution, which neither they nor Hamas wants.

Crime is worse than ever. Criminals are not being imprisoned. Most of our cities are becoming ungovernable and unlivable unless one is among the elite. Many of them are or are becoming bankrupt paying for social services they can’t afford. We are being divided into tribes that hate and mistrust each other. Anti-Semitism is as overt as it has been at any point since the Nazis in WWII.

Finally, the economy. Regardless of what positive information has been emanating from the government with respect to inflation, housing, rental costs and other necessities anyone who has bought food, gassed up their car, bought medicine or tried to rent or buy housing knows that it is harder to make ends meet. Approximately, 2/3 of households are living paycheck to paycheck or using credit card debt to buy necessities. Many households are having to choose among the Hobson’s choices of buying food, paying the rent or buying medicine. The middle class is dissipating. Biden is tone-deaf to this. He stupidly keeps praising “Bidenomics.” Someone should tell him that historically, absent war, elections, as the saying goes, are “about the economy, stupid.”

I could go on, but I think you get the point.


One could argue that as bad as the above is, it is not the worst of it. For several years, even before Joe Biden became president, it has been clear to many of us that Biden and his entire family have been compromised by China, Russia and other of our enemies. Obviously, there is a quid pro quo. Tens of millions of dollars have been paid to Joe, Hunter and other family members. The evidence has been mounting to the point where it can no longer be ignored. This would be one hypothesis as to why so many of Joe’s policies have been obviously detrimental to the US. They have made no sense otherwise. Our leaders cannot be that stupid, can they? I believe many of Joe’s and Hunter’s actions have risen to the level of treason.

That said, I would be surprised if Joe is ever tried for treason or if any of the Bidens see the inside of a prison. Joe will not even be impeached, nor probably will any of his Cabinet that deserve it, such as Alejandro Mayorkas Even Hunter will likely get some sweetheart deal. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t, just that they won’t.

The Dems are already trying to rig the 2024 election. They have been harassing Trump with a slew of bogus criminal charges. Moreover, in some states they are trying to remove him from the ballot. I believe these obvious attempts to suppress votes and thwart the will of the people will not stand, but they may have other dirty tricks up their sleeves.  It doesn’t look so now, but if through some miracle (or cheating) Biden were to win re-election. God help us!

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Larry was born and raised in New York. He is 73 years old. He has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Marketing Management, and worked in the financial industry for 42 years in accounting and Compliance. Larry is also a veteran, whose hobbies are reading and golf. He has been writing a blog for three years, which is being read by people in 90 countries.
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