President Herzog meets evangelical leaders on a solidarity visit to Israel

Israeli President Isaac Herzog met this Tuesday (May 4) a group of Brazilian evangelical leaders, led by the Apostle Estevam Hernandes, Bishop Sonia Hernandes, Pastor Edson Rebustini, Wesley Rebustini, among others, who are in Israel to show solidarity with the country for the terrorist attacks of October 7th.

The Israeli president thanked the support and his wife, Michal Herzog, spoke in Portuguese, highlighting the importance of the initiative “at such a difficult time for the Israeli people”.

“The people of Brazil and Israel are brothers. In Brazil and around the world we see brothers and sisters from the Christian community who understand that we were attacked by terrorists and are fighting against evil forces. We want to send a message to our brothers in all churches: we love you and we want to see you here in the Holy Land. We love Brazilians and wish the best to all Brazilians. Shalom”, highlighted President Herzog.

“It is very important that we understand these profound words that the President just spoke, because we really have an alliance between Brazil and Israel. We love Israel, we pray for Israel, and we want this alliance to never be broken”, added Apostle Estevam Hernandes.

He is the leader of Renascer em Cristo Church and has a decades-long history with Israel. The Apostle is an ambassador for the Friends of Zion Museum, and was responsible for bringing the March for Jesus, the largest Christian event in the world, to the Israeli nation. His church is also praying for peace in the Middle East and pleading for the release of hostages still in Hamas captivity.

The evangelical leaders’ trip is a mission of solidarity with the State of Israel, due to the brutal attacks on October 7th, 2023 and the continuous attacks that Israel has received in the North and South of the country, on a daily basis, since then.

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