President Obama, the Superhero

President Obama is a Superhero. And quite frankly, given the amount that has been written about the Iranian Nuclear Deal, it is a little shocking that this critical factor has thus far been neglected. He alone possesses the unique super power of being able to identify when someone is lying and when he or she is telling the truth. He is like a walking polygraph test, only with no margin for error. And it’s not blood that pulsates through his veins, but rather Truth Serum.

Were it not for his superpowers, here’s what those not gifted with his (gift) could find confusing. When Iran chants “Death to America and death to Israel,” whilst negotiating the nuclear deal, he alone knows not to believe them, but when they assure the world that they will honor the agreement, he impressively takes them at their word. When Iran promises the annihilation of the Jewish state he knows to confine it to that vague area of rhetoric, but celebrates the peace that will surely follow the armament of Iran. Because, well, Iran insists say that it will behave. And he knows this to be true. Which is actually a massive relief if we think about it.

When Iran has conferences that perpetuate the lie of Holocaust denial, but then awards prizes for cartoons best making light of the murder of the six million, Obama knows that this is just silliness and anyone who takes it too seriously, is well, just silly. He knows (truthfully) that we need to relax a bit and stop being so over focused on our own annihilation.

Gosh, we need to live a little. And maybe we would, if someone would actually let us do so and actually stop calling for our deaths. We need to allow bygones to be bygones and live in the present. And so we should, because the future has just become a little too scary to contemplate.

He is able to see right through not only Iran’s lies but also everyone else’s. Like when Isis and Boko Haram irritatingly claim that they act in the name of Islam. He alone knows this not to be true. His message to them is clear. We might tolerate the occasional beheading and slaughter and torture. Hell, we might even take into the bargain a little sex slavery and the murder of anyone thought to be gay (from time to time). But do not fib. No Siree. Not on this watch. That indeed is the (new) red line.

The life of superhero is incomplete without a villain. In another dimension, one could imagine that it would be a genocidal maniac, an evil dictators or one intent on destroying the world that might play this role. But not for our Superhero. For him a better choice of nemesis is the leader of the Jewish State. It is fair to say that more has been written about the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu than that of the recent Karsdashian break up. And all because he considers Israel’s Prime Minister to be a liar — and was caught on camera in this very discussion.

The newly inked deal is bewildering . It presupposes Iran’s willingness to be peaceful and negates everything the leadership of the country has maintained until as recently as last week. Obama and his sidekicks might well see an alternative truth, know something that others don’t, but one only hopes that it is not the drive to outdo his nemesis that has driven him to conclude a deal that might well plummet him from hero to zero.

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Howard Feldman is a lawyer, a physical commodity trader by industry and a writer by obsession. He is very active in the Jewish community and passionate about our world.
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