President Trump’s Peace Plan Is Not Good for Israel

Anyone who has looked at the map of a proposed country for those who call themselves Palestinians should quickly recognize that Jerusalem will be in firing range of Iranian funded rockets. The only thing this deal will accomplish, if accepted by both sides, is to put an Iranian puppet state within the borders of Israel. Any loss of land makes Israel unable to defend itself, but placing the border next to Israel’s capital makes it even less so.

There is no demand to have Hamas, or any Iranian backed terrorist organization, be removed from the country. It covers disarmament, which will be ignored. Hamas exists to bring about the destruction of Israel and will not disarm under any circumstances.

We are dealing terrorist organizations who channel money away from infrastructure projects to the building of tunnels to carry out terrorist attacks. They would rather see children die than live peacefully next to a Jewish state. Hatred cannot be reasoned with, nor can it be negotiated with.

If the Palestinian civilians truly want peace, then let the terrorists in their midst be forced out. If they truly want to have a prosperous future for their children, then send the world a clear message and deal with the terrorists who plague your neighborhoods.

If there is any nation who should take responsibility for true mass casualties against Palestinian civilians, look to Jordan. It is Jordan who can afford to give up land and it is Jordan who is responsible for Black September. Let Jordan give up their land if a new state must be created.

No one should be calling for any new state to be created that will result in Iran gaining more influence than they already have. They are the biggest state sponsor of terrorists in the world and the world should be moving to weaken Iran, not strengthen it in any way.

In 1970, Jordan broke out in a civil war with two factions, the PLO and the PFLP. Their goal was to remove King Hussein from power and take control of the country. This was in response to no longer receiving support in carrying out terrorist actions against Israel.

The PLO and PFLP started carrying out terrorist attacks against Jordanian targets, which was met by military action. Prior to the Jordanian Civil War, well over half the population was Palestinian, as they were called at that time. After the war, not one Palestinian was left behind.

Jordan forced everyone out regardless of any association with either faction. It had become a war of attrition on the part of the Jordanian military, with the full support of King Hussein. Not one town that Palestinians had called home was left untouched.

The only country in the region involved in ethnic cleansing of any kind was Jordan. They have never once been asked to give up anything in response to what they did. It went well beyond traditional warfare when they forced every man, woman and child out of their country.

The Jordanian military was responsible for more loss of life than any engagement from the IDF. It has been estimated that as many as 15,000 Palestinians died as a direct result of Jordanian action in their war of attrition. Many of those Palestinians were civilians who had made a home in Jordan.

There is a reason the event is referred to as Black September. Jordan has never been called into account for what can only be called ethnic cleansing. They are the ones who went beyond the traditional rules of warfare and carried out a mission to remove all Palestinians from Jordan, regardless of having any actual ties to terrorists.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a science-fiction author and believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
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