Elizabeth Browder


As most know, this is LBGT Pride month. As I read stories of the brave humans celebrating their right to love and live, I am sickened to remember there are countries in this world who see being different as a crime.

Iran, Saudi Arabia are just two of many nations that have laws on the books that make it perfectly ok to execute LBGT citizens. I remember the President of Iran saying on US TV that “we have no gays in our country”. Yeah..because your country murders them. This should be unacceptable to us all. People are being deemed unfit to live just because of their sexual orientation. If they don’t murder them, they imprison them.

I am not a gay person. But, I support their right to live, love, and prosper.

Fly your rainbow flags proudly, you beautiful people! Never let anyone say you are bad, unwanted or unloved. Never let anyone say that you are not worthy of the same thing we are entitled to:the right to live.

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Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.
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