Proficient at propaganda

I came across some Grade A propaganda recently. 

It was telling people that they should write their US representatives to decry how the US has been using their tax dollars to support the occupation of Palestine since 1948. 

Israel became a country like many others, by fighting for it. Last I heard, that’s how countries come to exist. Everyone else gets to have a country, but when the Jews want a place to live safely after everywhere else has annihilated them or tried to, it’s called terrorism?

Hamas doesn’t only behead people, they make them lose their heads. Palestinian Islamic Jihad may not have great aim with their missiles (#hospitalfauxpas), but when it comes to shooting arrows at people’s hearts, they have the best of aim. 

They are like Cupid. 

Just that instead of making people fall in love with each other, they make people hate Jews. 

Also, they don’t wear diapers. Although I pray for their incontinence, those ruthless bastards.

It’s one thing to be killed. It’s a whole other thing to be killed while at the same time being wrongfully accused of being a murderer. It’s like, “Damn, you just killed me. Now you’re gonna make up lies about me too? Cut me some slack, I’m dead!”

Jews are known as the “People of the Book.” The next time you see a philosophy professor instigate a bar fight, let me know. 

Like seriously, let me know. I’m single, and that’s hot.

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