Daniel Rosen

Progressive Jewish people have the power to win tomorrow

Progressive Jews hold a pivotal position in shaping the future of our society. Individually, secular and progressive Jewish individuals are deeply embedded in American culture, business, and politics, influencing many facets of our lives. Their success stories across various fields over the past 50 years attest to their significant impact on the unfolding of our society.

It is upon this foundation of influence that progressive Jews possess the power to reclaim the narrative and sway the minds and hearts of Americans. While the progressive movement aims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), recent events reveal a concerning deviation from its noble aspirations.

Despite DEI’s worthy ideals, a hierarchy has emerged, with certain groups receiving preferential treatment while others are overlooked. A glaring example is the lack of empathy and support for Jewish victims of violence, particularly during the recent Hamas attacks on Israeli women. The absence of solidarity underscores a troubling shift within the DEI movement, where justice is unequally distributed based on ethnicity or identity.

This discrepancy highlights a broader issue within the DEI movement, where noble goals have been overshadowed by unjust agendas. It is time for a course correction. Progressive Jews must lead the charge in reimagining DEI, returning to the fundamental principles that condemn all forms of hate and bigotry, regardless of their source.

While antisemites and the inexperienced youth may perpetuate these injustices, the onus falls on the progressive Jewish community—to reclaim the narrative and drive meaningful change. We cannot allow others to hijack the conversation or dictate the trajectory of our values.

I issue a resounding call to action for progressive Jews to realign with our principles and leverage our influence for equitable outcomes. We must stand alongside liberals, conservatives, and all who uphold our shared ideals while rejecting the extremes of both left and right ideologies.

By doing so, we can truly transform our communities, our counties , our states, our country, and the world at large. The power to effect change lies within us, and it is time to wield it for the greater good

About the Author
Daniel Rosen is the former leader of the TorchPAC pro-Israel group at New York University whose activism against campus antisemitism was reported on in the New York Post, the New York Sun, and multiple Jewish newspapers as well as the Village Voice. He worked for the Jewish Agency and now serves as co-CEO of a local family business. Daniel has also been published in, Israel national news, Times of Israel blog, frontage magazine, and the Long Island Jewish world. currently, Daniel is the founder and president of Minds and Hearts a pro Israel advocacy group.
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