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Progressives seek Israel’s demise

It’s reported that an Israeli nonprofit called Innovation: Africa is:

bringing drip irrigation and solar power technologies to villages in eight  African countries and lifting millions of people out of extreme poverty… Some 620 million people across the African continent do not have access to electricity or running water. This means unlit homes, no refrigerators, and no fancy medical appliances.

The head of Innovation: Africa, Sivan Yaari, says that:

If we bring energy, we can solve many of the challenges that Africans are facing and improve education, health, and access to water.

The nonprofit has a full time local staff working on the ground in 147 African villages as well as a team in Israel, all working on water surveys, drilling, construction, and solar power.

The Israeli engineers who create drip irrigation and solar power technologies also have double duty in Africa, where they often go to train fellow engineers. Innovation: Africa brings technologies to Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, and South Africa….

Many Africans are also starving, “drinking blood to stay alive” or “clinging to life by eating leaves.” Innovation: Africa recently “brought maze and beans to 27,000 people in six Ugandan villages….”

Meanwhile it’s reported that the Democratic Socialists of America have:

Passed a resolution in support of the worldwide Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, stigmatizing and endangering Israel as a legitimate Jewish state….

The resolution “declares itself in solidarity with Palestinian civil society’s nonviolent struggle against apartheid, colonialism, military occupation and for equality, human rights and self-determination.” To achieve that goal, DSA proclaims that it is “fully supporting BDS.”

The statement avoids any mention of the rights of Israelis to have a Jewish state, and does not even put forth the alternative of working for a two-state solution.

By signing on to BDS and joining a movement that’s swept college campuses here [i.e., in America], DSA is embracing the agenda of the far left in Europe….

Author Ron Radosh, a former leftist, notes that the two main founders of Democratic Socialists of America back in 1982, Michael Harrington and Irving Howe, “were critical of aspects of Israeli policy…. Yet they unreservedly supported the existence of the state of Israel, and favored a two-state solution.”

Now, though:

DSA is mimicking the sectarian anti-Zionist positions which the old Communist and Trotskyist groups held since the 1920s, and extreme-left groups like “International Answer” hold in our time. These sectarians see destruction of Israel as their sine qua non…. To them, the first credential for being left-wing is to be opposed to Israel.

Indeed, Radosh notes that DSA delegates cheered the passing of the pro-BDS resolution, “with some marching through the ballroom with Palestinian flags chanting ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free…”

Though “progressives” of DSA’s ilk are not people notably connected to reality, most are probably aware that Israel is not going to dissolve itself, and at least some probably understand that the Palestinians do not have anything approaching the military power that would be needed to realize the dream of a “free” Palestine “from the river to the sea.”

If anything could still “free Palestine” in that sense, it would have to be something like a rain of missiles, some of them nuclear-tipped, from progressive, enlightened Iran, probably with supplementary rains from Iranian allies like progressive, enlightened Hizballah and Hamas.

If that were to achieve its goal, a lot of lights would go out in African villages as well. But that—along with the end of all of Israel’s myriad contributions—would be a small price to pay for fulfilling the longstanding progressive dream: eradicating the Jewish state.

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