Project “Leviathan” is Israel’s “Standing Rock”

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There were many places I wanted to visit during my 50 States Journey, and for the most part, it was their eye catching scenes that piqued my curiosity and sense of exploration.

But Standing Rock was different.

I wanted to see for myself, what is it about this place, that brought thousands of people from all over the world, to an Indian reservation, in one of the most remote places in the country, in the middle of dead winter where temperatures drop to -30F, unite for a cause that’s bigger than any single individual. And so I just knew that my destiny would lead me there when the time was right.

This past weekend it happened.

The stars aligned, and not only that I got to visit Standing Rock and take part of the MIT SOLVE event that took place there over the weekend, I also got to meet the amazing Mary Redway, an environmental biologist and social activist, who was in Standing Rock during the protests, and gave me a full, in depth tour, explaining everything that happened there.

This is one of the longest videos I’ve uploaded to Facebook in this journey, but also one of the most important ones.

Nowadays in Israel, we are facing a frightening similar scenario, with the setup of “Leviathan”, a natural gas production project managed by Noble Energy, just 10km off the shores of Israel, something that could bring catastrophic consequences to the entire ecological and environmental ecosystems, and could shut down the entire shores of Israel for months in a good scenario and years in a bad one, in case of a leak.

For all my friends in Israel who don’t understand why the fight is so important, please check this video, like it, share it, and spread it wherever you can.

It’s our lives that are in risk and no one else will fight for us, but ourselves.

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Lior Vaknin, is an Israeli entrepreneur, and is currently on a mission to promote Israel's Startup Nation in all 50 States, and share with local communities how Israeli tech can help turn anyone to an Hasbara expert and a mini ambassador of the state of Israel. He's a former paratrooper with the IDF and the founder of the largest Israeli-American tech community in New York - Israeli Startups NYC.
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