Punchy Judy

My Dad told me, “always remember just who you are.” That was back in good old Yorkshire a long time ago. There it never rains when it pours. That was a good grounding for a prospective Israeli. We are always under some kind of deluge.

When we were kids, as a treat, we go and see Punch and Judy shows. It now seems that was a kind of preparation too.

In the Punch and Judy shows, a vicious Punch and a vacuous Judy took turns in knocking’ six bells’ out of another doll. Circumstances have changed and in no way am I permitted to mention the beaten doll’s name or even its colour.

Yes, then we were very racist, judgmental and believed in stereotyping everything and everybody. So much for the good old days, things have supposedly changed, or so I thought. And I was wrong.

To our latter-day punch, Michael Oren I’d like to say: Try to remember what my Dad said. Remember who you really are.

You were and we hope still are a diplomat, what you said was far from diplomatic.

You are a historian and I think you know that history is judged after the passage of a modicum of time. You are most certainly not a psychoanalyst. Even I as a psychiatrist and very aware of psychobabble. Michael Oren, as a fellow Anglo-Saxon I want to share one thing more with you. On the other side of the pond, we love soccer. One player almost bore your name-Michael Owen. He showed great potential as a youth that he never lived up to; instead, he chose to make easy money and quite forgot that he could have been an inordinate footballer. Next time you have a punt, maybe you should think about Michael Owen and remember that you are Michael Oren.

We should remember that we are a client state. America is a democracy. It voted its present president in twice and was fully aware the second time at least what his policies were.
As much as we kvetch and kibitz, we should never forget that we are as mere 6 million, and they are over 100 times bigger.

They can exist without us.

We cannot exist without them.

We should always remember exactly who we are, and we should unfailingly remember precisely who they are. It’s all very well as kvetchers to come up with every complaint imaginable.

Nevertheless, let’s remember one other thing.

Nobody had an alternative to Chamberlain.

Nobody could have promised that by doing something else we would have got a better outcome. Nobody has an alternative plan regarding Iran.

Nobody knows how to stop Iran with certainty, and nobody knows with certainty that Obama’s plan will fail.

We should remember that we can’t stop Iran alone, and were not even sure how anyone can stop Iran. No one is.

The best we can hope for is to be entirely involved in the follow-up process and to make certain that we don’t lose America along the way.

I was extremely annoyed at our Judy, what she said was more than verging on the disgusting. It was unconditionally inane and out of place.

I don’t know if Judy is capable of remembering who she is, but I would like to remind her of another of my father’s sayings. “Empty vessels make the most noise.”

So much for our inappropriate Punch and Judy shows.

I merely have one question. Just where was the puppeteer?

Hiding behind the curtains?

About the Author
Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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