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Purim Prep Begins Now and KFWE NY Tickets With Cindy’s Corners

The day after Tu Bishvat means Purim and even some Pesach preparations for me.

What am I doing for Misloach Manot? Do I have a theme? What organizations will I donate to? Where will I hear the Megillah? And, will I cook or be invited out for the Seudah, festive meal?

Here are three ideas of who to call and how how you can arrange great packages, fulfill the mitzvah and have a lot of fun while creating memorable gifts.

The Cheese Guy

Meet Brent Delman, a.k.a. “The Cheese Guy,” your cheesemonger, producer, affineur, educator and purveyor of rich, flavorful small-batch cheeses that are also kosher, vegetarian and 100% free of artificial preservatives or flavorings.

Unique Cheeses
While most specialty and many commercial brands are made with animal rennet and other animal enzymes, you can count on The Cheese Guy to use only plant-based or microbial non-animal enzymes.  I’ve spent the past two decades perfecting my recipes and seeking out the highest quality ingredients.

The result?  Mouthwatering artisanal cheeses that will satisfy any cheese lover regardless of dietary needs – from strictly kosher to unabashed omnivore.

Try a hint-of-lemon goat cheese.  Got an adventurous spirit?  Try some spicy jalapeño pepper jack, or a pungent blue cheeses or a craft beer cheddar.  For kid-friendly options, you can’t go wrong with smooth, mild cheddar or Monterey Jack, while the health-minded will appreciate a selection of organic varieties and even Italian specialty cheeses such as sheep’s milk Pecorino Romano.

Slice it, melt it, grate it, spread it…..just dig in and gift it!! Delmas will make arrangements to secure that the cheese remain fresh.

Chocolate Works

Chocolate of any kind like truffles, pizzas, pretzels and covering dried fruits, nuts and marshmallows always make a perfect gift at Purim. Baskets, bars and original creative packaging are easily available if ordered timely.

Worried about kosher, gluten-free or sugar-free needs? I suggest you work directly with Deena Bernstein, manager of the store in Livingston, New Jersey. She can arranged timely deliveries across the country.

She can be reached here:

Their master chocolatiers start their creations using heirloom recipes and the freshest ingredients to hand mold and dip specialty chocolates.

Developed through over forty years of experience, these chocolate artists use their creativity to create one-of-a-kind sweet delights for consumers the world over. It’s the attention to the finest detail that make these chocolates as beautiful as they are delicious.

Grow and Behold

Grow and Behold brings you premium kosher pastured meats, raised on pasture with no hormones or antibiotics.  Every cut is trimmed to perfection. Our Black Angus steer are bred for tenderness and the quality of our meats is truly unparalleled — in the kosher world and beyond.  Our meats are glatt kosher, under the supervision of the Star K (red meat) and OU (poultry).

At KFWE, they be searing up Skirt Steak and Denver Steak, two of our most popular steaks. They will also be serving nitrate-free beef sausages and our naturally-cured salami, both fresh and dried.  Their customers tell them that the richness of the meat, the pop from the peppercorns and the gentle seasonings make this salami one of the best they’ve ever tasted.

They are a full-service online kosher butcher, delivering kosher beef, lamb, rose veal, poultry and provisions anywhere in the US next day. They also make dried provisions that make a terrific mishloach manot gift.  Their two flavors of Beef Jerky and Salami Sticks. Dried Salami is great for travel, gift baskets, and generally just enjoying on the go wherever life takes you.

Grow and Behold is the culmination of decades of passion for healthy, sustainable food, good cooking, and the community that gets built around the table. It is sustained by their deep relationships with many partners, including multi-generational slaughterhouses and family farms, and an amazing community of customers.

As Naftali and Anna Hanau, the company’s founders, explain,

We do not compromise on quality or our environmental standards, because we’re producing meat that you trust and that we want to eat ourselves. We take care every step of the way to make sure the meat is raised well, processed humanely, expertly butchered, carefully packaged, delivered seamlessly and prepared with confidence in your kitchen, thanks to our recipes, tips and terrific customer support. It is our great pleasure to bring these delicious meats to your table.

From Butcher’s Cut to basics, whether you eat meat all the time or enjoy it once in a while, Grow and Behold is your best source for the finest premium kosher pastured meats — delivered anywhere in the US.

Order online at

Order Your Tickets Here For KFWE NY

The 13th annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience (KFWE), New York edition, welcomes visitors Monday, February 11, 2019 at Pier 60, Chelsea Piers (23rd St. and West Side Highway, NYC).

KFWE-Open to Public/Press: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm;

Tickets at:

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