Purim Spoken Word

This is the season of royal reason

Announcing an inner galactic flight 

For astronomical eternal light 

Magnifying our prism vision 

Of passionate inner wisdom 

And purpose-driven Jewish-ism

Performing a spiritual transfusion 

Declaring super powers for such a time

Stomping out Hamon’s perfect crime

Sushan headlines have no clout 

Overcoming evil with a shout!

Shofar breathing minstrels unite    

Unleashing prayer of celestial light

Petitions echoing into the night

Quenching souls with strength and might! 

HaShem draws near to those who call

Pressing deeper we stand tall

Shaking, quaking, hear our voice

Giving up is not a choice!

Calling Jews to bare their swords

Hanging evil from the cords

Transforming struggles of our past

Conquering hatred as if wax

Melting off the pagan masks

Destroying slavery’s deathly grasp

Releasing what was left behind

No longer are we torn or blind

Wandering distant foreign places

Searching for familiar faces

Shaking, quaking, future making

Volcanic spewing, lava producing 

Rolling fire, praising choir 

Birthing a warrior generation

Of land-holding emancipation

As in the days of old

Our future was foretold 

No more hiding our identity 

We celebrate serenity 

Overcoming mass extinction 

There remains no contradiction

We are free to claim our Land

Standing strong at G-ds command

We are strong, we are one

Let us shout Jerusalem!

About the Author
Born and raised in California, I moved to Alaska just out of High School where I worked on a commercial salmon vessel. After several years, I relocated to Washington State where I raised a family and pursued a career in Juvenile Corrections. Upon retiring, I began writing about my travels and experiences. Over the years, my writing has expanded to include many venues and topics, from the more personal hardships of my life to the more whimsical children's stories. My journalistic stories have been published in newspapers, on-line sites, as well as included in printed books such as "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Coffee House Chronicles". I have recently enjoyed more public interaction through my writing of "spoken word" at local Jerusalem gatherings.
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