Qatar: A Dilemma or Dynamic Solution?

With all the balagan happening in the Arab gulf right now, one sure has to admire the United States of America’s president’s tenacity and resilience in getting the Arabs to clean up their own mess. And yes someone farted in the Arabs world coffee house, but guess what? This time it is not our beloved Eretz Israel, no flag burnings or chanting “Itbach Al Yahood!” The Arabs have turned on the very country amongst them, that not only propagates false propaganda with their circus of a news agency known as Al Jazeera, but this very country is the only one country apart from Iran that gives Hamas and other terror such groups such as the Al Nusra front in Syria, as well as financial assistance and emboldens them to carry out ghastly deeds.

It is a little known fact that Qatar itself played a vital role with its Airforce in the violent Arab spring which not only brought Libya’s dictator Muammar Gaddafi to a violent end but destabilised the surrounding region as wel and caused a human exodus to Europel. How you may ask? You see the emirate of Qatar Sunni kingdom has more than often cited support for violent Salafists groups, whether they in Gaza/Syria/Lebanon and Libya as I just mentioned. This kingdom which juts out 160 kilometres into the Gulf From Saudi Arabia is also sufficiently large enough to host any refugees from a Sunni background as they form a bulk of the current refugees at this given time from as far apart as Syria,Iraq and Libya or perhaps even to the troublesome never-ending bloodbath of Afghanistan.

Yes Chaverim, you right the Arabs put a few extra spoons in their stronger than usual coffee and have turned against Qatar! How fantastic is this? I mean really? Not only did the American President Trump vow to fight terror, he made the very countries whom in my opinion also played a role to a lesser known extent clean up their back yard. So now what do we have? The Emiratis,the Saudis,the Yemenis and even the Kuwaitis have turned on their new whipping boy and rightfully so-QATAR. Why should this development concern us as Israelis or as “the descendants of Apes and Pigs” which how they put it? Well considering that the Arab world has two main crisis points. Syria and Eretz Israel whom a lot are still convinced in a perpetual state of self delusion is Palestine and here is the uber surprise, I can even hear fraulein Merkel screaming Wunderbar as Monseigneur Macron jumps up and about yelping magnifique.

Folks we may have found the Eureka component to the conflict, a solution to the Syrian refugee crisis together with the so called Palestinians, the Libyans, the Iraqis and even the Afghans. Let’s all send them to Qatar. I mean Europe is facing an undeniable crisis with these would be asylum seekers, whom in some cases tragically cause their host countries harm. No sane Middle Eastern country wants them if such a thing does exist with the exception of Eretz Israel. Jordan blankly refuses to let Syrians in citing fears of ISIS infiltration, Kuwait won’t hear of it, the Wahabbi Saudis are even horrified themselves at entertaining such a suicidal suggestion. The Emiratis do not want their tranquil way of life disrupted as they sit back letting the rest of the world work their cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi into Techno hub oasis’s.

Let’s be reasonable to ourselves, to Europe, to the Arab world and most of all to the miserable Refugees themselves. Why should Europe or the Arab world take them on? Especially since the Arab world themselves don’t want to? Now folks that’s not called Islamophobia, bigotry or whatever the left call it! The Arabs themselves have made it crystal clear that they won’t even have refugees cleaning up their oil wells. So two culprits remain, Iran and Qatar, the Persian civilization if such a thing still exists might consider Arab intruders an affront on their way of life. Not that I care I don’t, in fact I believe they should consider taking on some of Qatar’s newly proposed role.

Even Russia’s President Vladimir Putin himself said, these refugees should go to countries where they will find it easier to integrate into as opposed to Western countries, where they come into conflict with a different standard of ethos and a way of life. In fact letting them into Europe or the west is far more cruel on the refugees themselves, the reason being that they might end up living a reduced standard of life, they will potentially enrage locals whom can not understand their perspective on women’s rights, or what the refugees themselves might consider culturally immoral which is perfectly normal by our conventional standards and thus tragically be unable to conform creating resentment on both sides.

With regard to the so-called Palestinian refugees, the Arabs who left after being kindly asked not to by the Haganah yet willingly chose a fate otherwise for themselves.

Things don’t have to remain this way for them either anymore less than they do for the Syrians on a larger scale. Let the very country which spews hatred and propaganda against Israel with its Al Jazeera wannabe Pallywood reconstructionists who go out of their way to demonize Eretz Israel in addition to inciting terror and violence throughout the world with false news and fabrications. All the while we all know the merits the Arabs have in regards to human rights themselves, the very country that funnels cash to terrorists and is now the new bad guy of the Middle East. Let Qatar take on all these refugees whether they in Turkey,Western and Northern Europe, Canada after all there is a good reason no Gulf Arab state with all its opulent lavishness, does not want these refugees in, and no I doubt it’s because they just want them in Europe actually judging from the recent events in Manchester and London that is far from the case, nobody is more anally retentive about security than the Arab world while unlike the tree hugging hippies of Europe with their heads stuck in cloud nine in, the form of a celestial giraffe munching away at khat leaves.

Let Qatar which inspired the Arab springs, the anti Semitic violence across the west at the hands of Arabs, together with funneling monetary funds to Hamas and henceforth assisting the mad mullahs of Iran in this crazy venture of ensnaring Syrians in an orgy of violence which includes violent gassings and beheadings alike. Whether Assad or ISIS did it is not up for discussion, but since I mentioned ISIS which other news network than Al Jazeera would radicalise already Hatred inflamed Muslims across the globe into these acts of violence other than Qatar? Yes let Qatar take on all the refugees Syrian,Palestinian(If such a thing does exist),Libyans etc. after all with all that oil money they can afford to house and feed them thus relieving Europe and most importantly the entire Middle East of this tiresome burden after all Qatar was the last one to stir the Coffee pot and goad on all the violence which made the refugees leave their home countries in the first place. In addition to funding terror groups which is the main reason the Arab world is not doing any happy camping with the Qataris any time soon. As much as they hate us and the west they don’t want these lunatics turning on themselves either which is a very much prevalent danger. So Qatar can step up to the plate, build a couple of man made oil boomed techno hub wahabbi oasis’s for the refugees whom would feel more at home there for after all I remember watching a video clip of a refugee man crying in the freezing blizzards of Sweden”We are Arabs we are not used to this”. My dear Habibi perhaps you would like the warm sunshine of Qatar? I hear the beaches are good all year round.

As for the Emir of Qatar the Arab world should offer to lift recently imposed sanctions provided they clean up the mess they started in Syria with Al Nusra, in Libya with the Salaists in Egypt, with the Muslim brotherhood which they finance as well(Outlawed by the Saudis and the rest of the Arab world alike). Before the Arab world go really crazy and we know what Arabs with newly purchased weapons can do to each other in light of the Russians supplying Assad and America now signing a contract going into billions worth of nasty hardware to upgrade the Saudi army. This too is a situation we all would like to avoid as this creates a further balagan with more involuntary refugees.

As Israelis or Jews how does this affect us? An unstable Mid East could lead a deranged fringe of lunatics or even a demagogue administration like Assad backed by Hezzbollah into an all out conflict, or perhaps an ISIS/Al Nusra coalition government which is in power after violently dismembering the entire Assad clan alive. The reason being once they start killing each other they going to find a way to blame us for it. By then we will be forced to react in a way we would prefer not to, they have no moral scruples about killing each other but we as Jews have that gnawing conscience within us no matter how extreme our beliefs are the last thing we want to do is decimate entire cities with women and children and the Arabs know this so in conjunction with a Qatari camera crew from Al Jazeera that only reports the aftermath of diabolical legions firing rockets from schools full of refugees (under the UNWRA’S watch),built up areas together with mosques just to force an airstrike or artillery barrage from our side. So if Qatar is willing to take all the wrongfully named Palestinian /Libyans/Syrians (the majority are of a Sunni background)into their Sunni Emirate from allover the world including directly from their own home countries, then and only then should these sanctions seize. Who knows? Perhaps the Gazans might decide Doha is a much nicer place to stay in, while those that remain decide to become Israeli Arabs and the one state solution is complete.

All the while ex refugees from Libya and Syria alike have found a home far better than where they find themselves, a similar temperature, cuisine a friendly culture not an alien one which they find its norms offensive, a culture which not only accommodates their basic dignity with housing, utility and education in their own language as opposed to having to force their kids to learn a new one without any hostility between them and locals from either side. So my message to Qatar is this, you created this mess, you fix it, then and only then perhaps things might get easier for you in this rough neighborhood. This proposal should seriously be considered by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states after all it is not in their interest to remain in conflict with Israel and put this Dynamic solution to the refugee crisis to the test and bring stability to the region-In every problem lies a solution.

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."
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