Quantum Physics & Judaism. The Lulav, the Torah – electrons and protons.

One of the indicators our Torah tells us we should yearn and anticipate, for a better, clearer future, is when the world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters fill the oceans. Clarity over confusion, light over darkness. These are signs of more (revealed) G-d and blessings in this world.

I believe Quantum physics is a part of the fulfillment of this prophecy. The knowledge of G-d can be understood and related to (better appreciated), physically and concretely through the (metaphor of this) science and greatly acclaimed Quantum mechanics.

In Judaism we are told that whatever we see in this world reflects its source in the spiritual world. For example, the Torah says G-d created man in His image. So, by visiting the features within man, we have a small inkling of what is happening in the source of man, G-d.

There are ten fingers, five on the right and five on the left. There are two eyes, one on the right one on the left. There are two nostrils, one on the right one on the left. There is a skull in which lays our brain and hair coming out of our head. The body, in general, has a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere.

These are all small windows that allow us to understand how G-d operates. There is a right and left, up in the spiritual realms. The right takes preference and is more potent than, and over the left. A skull encompasses the (G-dly) brain, and small dribbles of (G-dly) energy seep from the head and extend like hair strands.

Once a Chassid came to Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber (1860-1920) with a discovery in the brain. The Rebbe took out a book written a hundred years earlier, quoting from the Zohar, written thousands of years even earlier, that this particular part of the brain existed physically.

The Rebbe explained. Mere mortals who live on a physical plain must work backward, and when we see something in this material world, we try to understand its spiritual counterpart, its underlying deep down, and source energy. Holy people who live on a spiritual realm, seeing what exists there, know for sure there must be this manifestation in its corresponding physical expression.

Snow is the crystallization of water and vapor. What we see in the shape of a unique snowflake has its inner molecular structures, inside the outer shape, as its credit.

Not only is this true vis a vis the physical, but it is also true when the Torah (G-d) commands us to do a Mitzvah in a particular way. There must be a more profound underlying truth that gives birth to what must be performed in a specific manner. What we see is only a manifestation of its underlying source.

For example, the fact that we make a blessing over the Lulav and not over the other three species involved in this mitzvah must signify something of a deeper truth and energy. It is because of this more profound truth; when it trickles its way down and transforms into a physical practice, it is necessarily in this form and with those specific characteristics.

Almost like; What you hear a person say, must have first processed in a higher dimension in their thoughts. Thoughts lead to physical words, and words enunciated physically have their source in a person’s ethereal mind.

The Lulav is accentuated and underscored in the blessing, even when there are other spiritual qualities represented in the other three species, and even over the Etrog that has not only a good taste (like the dates of the Lulav tree) but as well a fine scent.

The Lulav, our sages say (separately), represents Torah scholars. Since the study of Torah is the most all-encompassing and intimate connection one can have with G-d, this expresses itself in the fact that (the Lulav is the tallest and) the blessing we make highlights exclusively this quality of the Lulav.

If I look at a signet ring, I know exactly what is later on embossed on the wax seal without ever looking at it. If I look at the wax seal, I know what shape MUST be on the signet ring since the seal results from the ring pressed on the wax.

A Torah Jew is sensitive that there is always perfect compatibility and symbiosis between the spiritual and the physical. The physical is a direct result and mirror image of the spiritual (the source of the physical).

Quantum physics is an understanding of the “physical” universe at its most fundamental physical/spiritual levels. Deep down on a very small and ethereal (almost ghostly and otherworldly) subatomic level.

In Quantum physics, we deal with unseen energy fields we guess must exist, from (barely) observable phenomena that we do see. Theoretical physicists are constantly thinking and theorizing an unseen source and cause for what we observe, which often baffles and spooks the mind. They are trying desperately to understand what physically and inherently cannot fit into our boxed way of thinking.

Quantum physics is at this intersection of the most refined levels of physical existence and therefore, has so many idiosyncrasies since it touches the purely (difficult to comprehend) spiritual.

As I will explain in further articles, Quantum Mechanics expresses everything Kabbalah and Mysticism have told us for thousands of years, comprise the mind of G-d!

Our sages tell us our spiritual G-dly actions are the underlying influence and reason for whatever we have in our lives. Our spiritual actions and G-dly behavior are later on reflected in the way (our own) the world operates. It is, the only way we have any influence at all on our lives and futures.

So when we are commanded in the Torah to follow certain practices and the Torah explains the reasons for those practices (spiritually and mystically) and then Quantum Mechanics validates and supports the exact same ideas that we are seeing before our eyes, the truth and power of the Torah, and the age-old wisdom of G-d in action is manifested before our very own eyes.

The knowledge that our actions can be understood and appreciated in their physical counterpart is an enormous inspiration to perform our Mitzvois and do them properly, because they have real consequences and actual, tangible results.

Throughout the Holiday of Sukkot we encircle the Bima on which a Torah is being held, similar to the bride who encircles the groom under the Chupa. Actually, in Mysticism, The Congregation of Israel is considered the bride to G-d and the Torah.

A healthy stable atom has a proton–positive force in the nucleus surrounded by the balancing force of the electron – negative energy. The Torah NEEDS the Jewish people, and the Jewish people NEED the inspiration and the wisdom granted by the Torah. The two together form a healthy cell.

In the same way that it is the electromagnetism primarily sparked by the electrons that take the credit for the results of chemistry in this world, it is the Mitzvot “we” do, and the “bride” in a marriage that form the bonds, and the results, so necessary for the propagation of humanity in the world.

On this holiday of Sukkot, similar to when a Groom and Bride get married, we circle the Bima (with our three/four species – see earlier article) upon which there is our Torah and positive force. It is through this activity we are forming the necessary balanced cells of energy as a precursor for all the good blessings we hope, and are praying for, in the coming New Year.

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Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is an author and lecturer. A Spiritual Soul Book & Maimonides Advice for the 21st Century. Opened the first Chabad Center in Palm Beach Florida and the first Orthodox Synagogue on Palm Beach Island.
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