Quick Note On Ferguson, And Then About the Statehood Bill

The decision regarding the Michael Brown case will be delivered in the 9 PM EST/8 PM CST hour. As I’ve said, I have relatives down there; and nothing scares me like the Anti Semitism that they might face tonight. There were even two New Black Panthers arrested on gun charges in St. Louis, and that’s where my relatives are. Therefore, I ask for tefillot for them. May HaShem bless and protect them, and confound the Anti Semites who may try to hurt them and others (As I’ve said, the Anti Semites do not discriminate between openly-Jewish and Crypto Jews, or Nazarene and other Jews.).

By the way, this leads into the statehood bill—which, might I add, is tied to issues like the mikvah incident. I had heard about it and assumed that the women were once-again-exploited-by-a-misogynist Yehudiot. Only when I read the article did I come to know that there were giyorot. Meanwhile, as the old joke goes, they wouldn’t let Rut make aliyah—now we seriously wonder how they’d treat her if she tried to convert under their tutelage. Perhaps what Yeshua (Jesus) said about their type rings true for their type today (e.g., Chabad Lubavitch, who outreaches frequently).

As for the statehood bill itself, it is another reason why the Chief Rabbinate and others have no right to complain about Yehudim failing to make aliyah—they make the situation that we can’t make aliyah, and then they complain that we won’t. By the way, MK Livni is right; and she should’ve added that PM Netanyahu is a Haredi disguising as a chiloni. After all, he panders to the Haredim and almost gave 86% of the West Bank away—so, he might as well at this point admit that he doesn’t believe that Israel should be reestablished as a Jewish nation-state until Mashiach (whoever he is according to PM Netanyahu) comes.

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Born in the Diaspora in 1990, Nicole Czarnecki didn’t even know that she’s Jewish until about 2008. As a Jewish Christian and an aspiring olah with more of a history than she ever knew and hope for a future of which she can't even begin to dream, she aspires to help others learn from their histories and build hopeful futures for everyone whom aspires to pursue tzedek and tikkun ha’olam.
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