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Quotes of Nazi Jonas Noreika, hero of Lithuania

On 28 June 2021, Karolina Bubnytė-Širmenė, representative of the Government of Lithuania to the United Nations, made a statement that Jonas Noreika was not a Nazi, neither a Nazi collaborator, and that I “caused damage to the cultural identity of the State and its society” by destroying his monument with a sledgehammer. By the way, she is a candidate to become a judge of the European Court of Human Rights.

Let’s take a look at several quotes of the Lithuanian hero Jonas Noreika who murdered about 14,500 Jews during the Holocaust, and assess whether Bubnytė-Širmenė is a neo-Nazi:

  • Führer’s idealism is contagious and fascinating, his authority, the clarity and permanence of his political platform, and the dynamism of the life of the entire nation: these are the most important factors that fertilize the policy of National Socialist and authoritarian countries, or modern dictatorships.
  • Jews in nice clothes sit in cafés thinking how to extract from us as much money as possible.
  • Your future is full of prosperity and wealth! We must know this very well! It depends on us only, whether we will use that wealth, or give it to the Jews!
  • While democracies are going bankrupt, the authoritarian regimes are rapidly gaining strength. Without a doubt, the brightest examples of this strength may be found in Germany and Italy. The Nation led by Hitler was struggling in a single direction during the last years, and the fruits obtained by this Nation must be considered as a miracle by us. The unleashed masses of Italians in the hands of Mussolini were working with a striking persistence in order to execute the established program, and they may already be proud of the results. Several features of the authoritarian regimes will help you to better understand the reasons for their success or, in other words, the fruitfulness of their policy.”
  • Why is our society divided into position and opposition?!”
  • Jews, they have the best quality of life in the Lithuanian cities!
  • The fundamental fascist law proclaims imperatively and categorically that the Italian nation is everything for the Fascist party. The platform of National Socialism is wider. It also introduced the requirement of racial purity.”
  • “Jews are going to villages and buying cows, flax, and wheat! Swear a holy oath: not to sell them anything!”
  • Just remember how many times during the last years the Government was changed in France, and how different the platforms of Heriot, Flanden, Leon Blum, Chautemps and Daladier were. Nothing like that was in the Governments of Hitler and Mussolini. If they needed to change anything: they changed it easily, without disputes or negotiations. This permanence empowers the Nation to look forward with a clear confidence.”
  • The fruitfulness of authoritarian regimes and dictatorships was brightly proven by the München Conference. Signing the Act on division of Czechoslovakia destroyed the collective security principles of democracies, and ironically showed the weakness of democracy. […] None doubts that the majority of Sudetenland wants to adhere to Germany.
  • “In the Great Lithuania, Jews are buying farms in auctions!”
  • “If all capital and land go to the Jewish hands, what will we do?!
  • “[Jews] feel that [Lithuania] smells as having the highest standard of life in the entire World! Yes!”
  • “The Jew gives you to earn, but he will find an opportunity to steal from you three times more! Once and forever: do not buy anything from the Jews!”
  • “Remember: when you sell a big thing to a Jew, you are doing harm! You are harming your brother: an ethnic Lithuanian”
  • “When you sell to a Jew or buy from him, you are increasing the Jewish family! You are harming our entire Nation!”
  • “If all ethnic Lithuanians had an agreement to boycott the Jew, the life would be much better! Yes! Yes, indeed!!!”
  • Jews are governing the trade! […] The entire Nation must understand that we desire prosperity of ethnic Lithuanians in our Homeland, and not that of Jews.”
  • “Journalist! […] Taking back Vilnius and overthrowing Jews: this is your daily topic!”
  • “Let’s condemn as sold to the Jews those who look indifferently to the new and united mission of the Lithuanian Nation!
  • “We may have the most beautiful horses and the tastiest meals!”

The quotes are taken from his book “Raise your head high, ethnic Lithuanian!!!” published in 1933 and from his article “Fruitfulness of Authoritarian Politics” of 1939.

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