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Rabbinic homophobic attacks becoming all-year-round

It should be a criminal offense to choke talk of the Holocaust or Gay Lib!

Now again, an assault by a tone-deaf rabbi in Efrat, without much empathy or love, while claiming we must love each other, to flog the dead horse against Gay Pride. The photo he submitted of himself shows him with a wonderful smile. He can help Gay youth commit suicide with a smile.

His freak position is only true for a minority of Jews: heterosexual men. It’s not about women and not relevant for Gay Jews at all. That a rabbi writes like this junk in 2022 is shocking. Where has he been the past ten years?

And it’s like someone saying about racism that all skin colors are beautiful, that it’s forbidden to flaunt pride as in black is beautiful, that such an emphasis on ethnicity is racism itself, etc. In other words: he completely has misunderstood what is going on here, and he doesn’t want to know.

You don’t need to ask such a rabbi what the Halachah prescribes because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and won’t listen, sadly.

The true and stern prohibition against homosexuality, per the Torah verses and the explanation from the Talmud, rails against the scenes we saw of the Greeks, replacing women with men, a habit of heterosexual men. Homosexual men don’t have women in their heads concerning sex at all.

There still are Jews who don’t realize that at least half a million Jews are not Straight. Not a small minority the Torah couldn’t take into account. Then, some basic math shows that at least one-in-three of all of us has a first-degree non-Straight, non-Cis family member. So, in a minyan of 30, statistically, 10 have a first-degree LGBTQ+ relative. That’s no rarity!

The good news is that these homophobic classical Christian clergy-like-sounding attacks used to come only once a year, around Pride Month. Now they’re all year round, proving that the homophobes are more terrified, which means that acknowledgment and human rights for Gay Jews are becoming more mainstream. Thank G-d for that.

What ticked him off is a survey aiming to map “the needs for all residents regarding the LGBT population in Efrat.” NB: It wasn’t the survey’s result that made him freak out. Merely acknowledging that Efrat has “members of the LGBT population who are an integral part of the council’s social fabric” was enough to make him flip and go hysterical. How sad.

He claims: “The survey’s questions are totally skewed and one-sided.” I had a look. The English translation is not perfect but clear nevertheless. He is right that the survey asks about LGBTQ+’ and not homophobes’ needs.

Other media too are spooked out by the lack of LGBT phobia in the poll. It plots Gay and Dati (religious) Jews against each other, an old strategy that worked for a couple of decades. But now, many Gay Jews don’t leave.

The dated canard of the Gay agenda (compare the Protocols of Zion) too is revived as “anti-family, anti-tradition, anti-religion.” Decades ago, Rabbi Boteach already mentioned: If anyone is destroying matrimony, those are Straights with their staggering divorce rate. Gays demand a right to marry.

But the price for the most dated intolerance (hatred) probably goes to their fear of the rainbow flag. Just as Antisemites cannot stand seeing Jews walk by, they get beyond themselves from seeing a Gay Pride flag. Sadly.

Then, when it rains, it pours, other homophobic Efrat rabbis joined the pack. Pouring their confusions over the innocent community. Always a bad sign when ‘religious’ teachers get scared when students start thinking.

These rabbis mean well. Mind you, so did Hitler. But democracy cannot give Freedom of Speech to bigots who deem other people less holy. Selfishness, hatred, and lies, the perfect combination to stop Redemption.

Deeply religious friends of mine in Efrat let me know shocked and saddened by this rabbinic bigotry. They added: “Many feel that the Queer+ community should be acknowledged and supported.”

Remember: Gays are not freaks; homophobes are. And: It will get better.

Meanwhile, in the JPost, LGBTQ+ made it to the headlines again with a totally nonsensical article. The discussed study is nonsense in poor English, and so is its introduction. They ‘scientifically’ found that people who had a secular education answered more politically correctly, and woke. Duh.

In today’s news too: “American rabbis come out against conversion reform.” I assumed this was opposing conversion therapy. But no, it was supporting intolerant rabbis in Israel to prioritize control over converts.

Disclaimer: regularly, often, I hear feedback that readers think I’m furious, beyond myself. Not at all. I’m not ruining my blood pressure or mood. Rather, just as in hasbarah, we don’t try to convert the anti-Zionist to honesty and humanism, here also, I only reach out to the readers and show them that we don’t need to let bigots and pretenders of care intimidate us. They are motivated by hatred and selfishness. They are not worthy to be our teachers or representatives. They must be called out for pretending that they know what they talk about and believe it themselves. I admit that about the pretense, like all lies, I’m disgusted. But, they are fighting both an uphill and a losing battle. More and more, Gay men will be openly and proudly part of the Orthodox Jewish community. I’m just waiting for enough rabbis to begin admitting they were wrong for 50 years. That only homosexuality of Straight men is forbidden—of course.

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