Rabid dogs

Today’s headline on Times of Israel: PM: We’re reaching deeper than Hamas ever imagined; no truce before hostages freed

This week, a father found out that his little daughter, Emily, was alive and in Gaza. One month after the horrific events of October 7. Until now, he had thought that she had been murdered by Hamas — and was grateful — preferring that she be dead to kidnapped and trapped by the inhumane creatures masquerading in human bodies.

I was re-traumatized this week. A good friend posted something that Hamas committed and I was screwed up all day. She explained to me that she doesn’t do it for her Israeli friends; she does it for her liberal friends in the States who cannot understand that you don’t need to like Jews to be human, to be against massacres and murder.

What was her friend’s reaction? “They have been programmed.”

Yes. Absolutely they have. Since birth.

Hamas (and related organizations like the PA, UNRWA educational institutions, and others) have officially f&*%$ up several generations of human beings. According to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, as of 2006 (and earlier), they have taught and indoctrinated millions in summer camps, via school textbooks, for decades.
To be evil.
To be inhumane.
To not value life – not even their own.

The JCPA published its article, saying that less than twenty years ago, Palestinian newspapers reported that the number of children who express a willingness to become martyrs exceeded 70 percent. And until 1999, the PA used Jordanian and Egyptian textbooks laden with blatant anti-Semitism in its schools.

Further, according to Palestinian psychiatrist Dr. Shafiq Massalha, “the next generation of Palestinians will be a very murderous population full of anger and hatred. He reached this conclusion after his study found that over half the Palestinian population aged 6 to 11 dream of becoming suicide bombers.”

Let’s do the math. These are the same barbarians who delighted in receiving a present, a machine gun and a rifle [to kill Jews and become a martyr].

The same barbarians who fire rockets in civilian clothing so that, if killed, they can claim Israel killed more innocent Palestinians.

The same barbarians who shoot to kill at fleeing Palestinians headed to the south in the corridor that Israel set for them.

The same barbarians who deliberately turn boy scout buildings, schools, mosques, and hospitals into war zones by building tunnels, installing rocket launchers, and constructing Hamas headquarters beneath them.

So what do you do with a rabid dog? Who, through no fault of his own, is deathly sick, enraged, and goes to attack humans due to his illness. Please don’t misunderstand me: I am not comparing them to animals. That would be an insult to the animals.

Today, we are commemorating the shloshim (30-day mark for mourning a deceased loved one) for thousands of innocent people. Flags were at half staff and mourners sang HaTikvah, the Israeli national anthem. The country stopped, this time with no siren.

Photo by Albert Bannon, made available by the Brothers and Sisters in Arms protest group (ToI)

We are 33 days out, and we have yet to identify all the bodies.

We are 33 days out out and the government brought in archeologists to find body parts since they have experience in excavations of burnt and destroyed ancient sites. By combing and sieving ash from burnt houses in Be’eri, Kfar Aza and Nir Oz, they have already identified ten men, women, and children previously thought missing.

We are 33 days out out and we still don’t know for certain who Hamas is holding in Gaza, in violation of every international law. We only know that it is at least 242.

We are 33 days out and I still hear booms outside my window while putting my kids to bed.

We are 33 days out out and I am registered to take my MDA (Magen David Adom) course and have signed up to take Krav Maga courses every week.

We are 33 days out out and my husband is spending over 30 hours a week in his uniform with his Vietnam-era rifle slung over his shoulder.

We are 33 days out and I am surrounded by triggers.

Local Netanya matnas memorial for kidnapped children. Photo by Talya Woolf.

We are 33 days out out and I am nauseated. My chest hurts from anxiety, even as I try my deep breathing exercises, listen to meditative music, and cover my face while crying.

We are 33 days out out and still living and dying on October 7.
Over and over and over.
As we will be for a long time.

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Talya Woolf is an eight-year Olah with four spirited children and a fantastic husband. She is a writer, American-licensed attorney, handgun instructor, amateur photographer, and artist. She is politically confusing, Modern Orthodox (though she doesn't dress the part), and ardent Zionist (ZFB). She enjoys spending time with family, friends, running, photography, and reading about highly contagious diseases and WWII.
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