Rafah Invasion May Not Destroy Hamas But Will Paralyze

Mother and child, family enjoying the seaside views in Tel Aviv on a hot summer day, afternoon (Photo: iStock Getty Image by tatyana_tomsickova)
Mother and child, family enjoying the seaside views in Tel Aviv on a hot summer day, afternoon (Photo: iStock Getty Image by tatyana_tomsickova)

“Thousands of rockets flying towards us. Rocket sirens blaring. I am running for shelters like others as fast as possible, but I am the last among the running people. I have no energy to run anymore.”

I woke up. My heart was pounding.

No, it was not real. I realized it was a dream.

I heard heavy rain and wind outside. I forgot to close the window last night. It was not a bomb siren. It was the sound of rain and wind that gave me a nightmare.

Today is May 16, 2024, the 223rd day of the war between Israel and Hamas. Thousands have died on both sides over these 223 days. Many have become hostages, many have lost loved ones, and many have lost family members and friends.

The war is still ongoing. Who knows how many more will lose their loved ones before this war ends?

Who is responsible for this?

Gaza civilians?



Hostages or the innocent Gaza children?

What is happening now should not have happened. What Hamas did is unacceptable.

Hamas could have avoided the massacre on October 7. Hamas could have avoided killing innocent Israeli civilians. Hamas could have avoided taking hostages.

Israel wanted the remaining hostages back. Hamas refused. Why? Did Hamas wish to kill more civilians in Rafah?

Hamas could have returned the remaining hostages before the Rafah invasion and minimized the civilian dead.

Israel will not stop searching for Hamas. Israeli forces will look for Hamas in every street, every house, every tunnel, and every cave in Gaza.

Hamas cannot escape. Their members will either die in battle or surrender and live in Israeli prisons forever. That is their destiny.

Some people do not want to call them “terrorists.” They prefer to call them “resistance.” It was good to be true.

However, what October 7 exposed is different from what these people claim. That sounds ridiculous now. I do not accept it.

If they are resistance forces, why did they kill innocent Israeli civilians? Why did they take hostages, including international civilians?

If Hamas is a resistance force, they should not have committed such a heinous massacre. They could have attacked Israeli forces and military facilities instead.

Now, thousands of people are dead because of Hamas. Neither Gaza civilians nor the international community will support Hamas anymore.

The leaders of Hamas are out of Gaza. They live abroad and do not want peace. They lecture from bulletproof rooms.

These top Hamas leaders may survive, but they do not realize that the war is over for them. Hamas is over. Israel’s victory in Rafah will break the backbone of Hamas. Hamas can never stand up again.

The people of Gaza will never support Hamas anymore. The way Hamas came to power in Gaza will never happen again. It is like a man injured in war and who breaks his spine. He survives but is never able to walk again. It is worse than death, living as the living dead.

The surviving Hamas leaders abroad will be in the same situation. They will live like people with broken spines.

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Purna Lal Chakma is from Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, one of the most persecuted Christians. He studied M.Th. and has 14 years of experience pastoring in an Islamic-majority country like Bangladesh. He is an experienced person about how radical Islamists see Christians and Jews. He also knows how Islamists think about Israel. Now, he is just a simple travel blogger in Tokyo.
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