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Randy Spelling Talks Motivation for 2019 and Hollywood Past with Cindy’s Corners

Which generation of Aaron Spelling productions did you grow up with? Do you still sing the theme song of The Love Boat? Spelling was responsible for Charlie’s Angels (1976–81), The Love Boat (1977–86), Hart to Hart (1979–84), Dynasty (1981–89), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990–2000), 7th Heaven (1996–2007), and Charmed (1998–2006).

His family, wife Candy, daughter Tory and son Randy, were considered Hollywood royalty.

When Spelling passed away over a decade ago, his son Randy decided to use the business savvy he learned from his dad and build a business on helping others motivate themselves into success in all areas of their lives.

Randy Spelling Coaching motivates clients to achieve success in their lives. He has appeared in multiple media outlets discussing how one can reach their goals.

Here is my exclusive interview with Spelling:

Tell us about your business and how you motivate people?

I started out 11 years ago as a life coach. Helping people through transitions, finding a real sense of happiness and fulfillment in life, creating healthier habits, curbing unhealthy ones and gaining confidence to reach the next level of success in their careers. Because I am an entrepreneur and have grown my business, I started helping other service-based professionals and small businesses grow. My business has become a hybrid of consulting with people in their life or in their business. I work with people privately and I also run a few different coaching groups that are really fun and have a great energizing and motivating factor to them. I also offer 2-3 day in-person “resets” in people’s home or at work. These sessions help people catapult into change mode and come up with a very clear strategy to make the changes they want to make sustainable. Clients will also fly here to Portland for private 2-day retreats with me for a jumpstart and a reset.

One of the ways I believe I motivate people is through living by example. Of course I am always continuing to grow and work on myself, but I don’t just tell people to do things that I don’t do or practice. It’s taken a lot of time, energy and hard work to be at the place I am today. It’s also about really knowing people’s patterns, what they are telling themselves that isn’t working, and the thoughts they are having that may be causing them to get exactly what they don’t want in their lives. We are funny creatures. We think so much. We can think ourselves into or out of any situation. Then we make up stories. These stories become our theme songs that play in the background of our lives either cheering us on or many times, wreaking havoc.

Motivation has to hit a truth button inside of you. It’s not enough to say, “I want to make more money because I need more money.” Or “I’m going to eat healthier because I know it’s good for me.”

If you don’t feel motivated by something, there isn’t enough investment in it. Investment is either created by necessity or by a strong decision and commitment. If you don’t believe in something enough or feel passion for it, motivation can fizzle out. An example of this is if you want to lose weight, but you believe that things will never change. There is an opposing belief that weighs you down right out of the starting gate. Every action your take bumps up against that belief. You couple that with past experiences that corroborates this and it’s very hard to succeed.

Another big area that helps motivate people is being connected to the real reason, the big why, as to “why” you really want the things you want. This can greatly help to move people forward. When people become connected to the purpose behind the want, I see them carving out the appropriate time, putting their needs first, stepping out of old patterns and really stepping up to become different.

What are the most popular areas for improvement or change clients seek help with?

Most people come to me when they realize something is missing from their lives. They want to become more financially free and are tired of struggling. Could be they are already successful, but they need help defining their success because it’s not making them as happy as they want to be. Sometimes, people come to me when they just want to feel more emotionally and mentally free. Or to disconnect from stress and move into a place of feeling at peace and present so they can actually enjoy the life they have. Many times, people want better communication skills, healthier ways of eating, staying consistent with exercise and other areas we’ve discussed as well.

Do people come up to you and ask you about your childhood and growing up Spelling? Which television show do they ask you about most?

Sometimes. People used to seem amazed that I grew up the way I did because “I was so down to earth.” There seems to be an intrigue about how I grew up or what it was like growing up in such a famous family in Hollywood. Referencing the “grass is always greener” saying, there was this expectation that my life was beyond perfect and I had everything I wanted and needed because there was fame, glitz, glamour and money.

After all, what else is there?!

People are self-aware enough these days to know that all of these words do not bring the inner richness and connectedness we yearn for in this fast-paced world. But still, it seems that it’s human nature to project what life would be like with millions of dollars and to live in an opulent house like the one I grew up in. It would just seem like you would have everything you ever needed.

Growing up Spelling has prepared me to work with highly-successful people. I understand success and money. I also understand the pitfalls to having both. I motivate people to stop the game of waiting for some future moment when they have the number figure they think they want or the promotion they have been waiting for or when they think they can relax and finally stop stressing so they can actually become more present and happy in their lives. Sure, do changes need to be made? Absolutely. Change is inevitable. But there is a danger in waiting to live and a trap in thinking that money can solve all problems. It CAN solve many, sure. But what I believe most people are really after is something much deeper and interesting. Being fulfilled. Feeling Joy full. Living purposefully. Having connection. People ask me about Beverly Hills 90210 the most.

Tell us how Judaism played a role in your life growing up and now?

One of my favorite memories was lighting the Chanukah lights with my father. The ceremony of putting on the yarmulke. Opening the candle wax-stained book and turning the pages gently while we kindled the lights. In a very busy family, this was a time of excitement. It was also a time of simplicity. We all gathered. Came together. Looked upon the lights and went inward as we recited and listen to the words. These moments of pause and flickering candle light was a frozen moment in time.

All this said, we also celebrated Christmas! Different from most of my friends, we had a tree and presents. I enjoyed celebrating everything. We were never a very religious family, but the value and culture of Judaism permeated much of what we did, how we ate and how we fed others!

How are your mom, Candy and your sister, Tori?

They are both great. I see them when I go back to Los Angeles and they also make trips up to Portland. My two girls love seeing my mom and my sister’s family. It always amazes me that even if some time goes by, when they see their cousins it’s as if they just know they are blood.

Tell us a little about your life today.

My life today is really very full. Between having a 7 and 5 year-old, running a business and working on a couple creative side projects—life is good. I laugh sometimes when I see or hear myself because the way my life was 15 years ago and the way it is today is night and day. 15 years ago I was in the throws of addiction. My friends were scared I wouldn’t make it. I was overweight and unhealthy. And I was searching to find myself and my purpose. Today, I get to live my purpose and help others live theirs. It couldn’t be more different. And, I couldn’t be happier!

Do you miss living in Hollywood?

I don’t. I thought I’d miss it more than I do. Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart cause I grew up there. I go back enough that I get my fill. I see family, meet with clients, speak or consult for a bit and visit some favorite places and then I can leave. I like it like that.

Have you ever been to a Israel?

I have never been and I really, really want to go. I would welcome a trip there some day soon.

What’s coming up in 2019?

I also have one of my groups starting in February called the Freedom Blueprint Group. I’ve taken 11 years of coaching experience and have laid out a concise and powerful method for people to attain more personal freedom in their lives. Becoming clear on your exact goals and why, gaining more confidence by working with thoughts and mindset, creating healthier habits and staying consistent—this group is a powerhouse! Last time I ran this group, we were all amazed at the results people had. Truly, incredible results and we had fun in the process. Starts in Feb. Limit 30 people.

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