Re Jewish cemetery vandalism – Is it Deus ex machina for liberal Jewry?

Suddenly liberal Jews are all in a tizzy about a ‘sudden’ resurgence of anti-Semitism, one which is neither sudden nor a resurgence.

The catalyst for this instant hysteria is the back-to-back vandalizing of two Jewish cemeteries, one in St. Louis and one in Philadelphia.

The ADL, of course, is delighted whenever there is a seemingly credible resurgence of Jew hatred, as this is that organization’s bread and butter. The absence of anti-Semitism robs it of its raison d’etre. Hence there must be great jubilation when the real thing seems to occur, fueling the fund-raising engines of an essentially useless and very costly (check out the payroll) organization. All it takes is a few toppled headstones for the ADL to acquire acres of ink in the very media subscribed to by its secular, liberal, progressive supporters – a media which like the ADL itself is willfully blind to the genuine, ongoing, venal, viral Jew hatred which is ablaze on college quads across the land thanks to the vile marriage between liberalism and Islamism; between the (often Jewish) Jew-hatred against Israel and the Holocaust-redux fantasies of the Muslim world.

That the ADL, J Street, Union of Reform Judaism and their ilk are so quick to bewail two cemetery violations – which are neither unprecedented nor particularly heinous in the larger scheme of things – is because they assume these unsavory and cowardly acts were perpetrated by Jew-haters on the right. Rightwing anti-Semites are an endangered species who are vital to the continued relevance of these liberal Jewish organizations.

Indeed, what perfect timing, what divinely-inspired coincidence to be able to credibly claim rightwing anti-Semitism just as a hated President takes up residence in the White House. Now all those baseless and spurious accusations of anti-Semitism against Donald Trump can seem credible. A connection can be made. A line can be drawn. Dots can be connected. Trump is President and Jewish cemeteries are vandalized. If this is not Deus ex machina, what is? Brilliant!

Those tombstone topplings may indeed be the handiwork of rightwing rednecks – if so, most likely teenage hooligans high on crystal meth or cheap booze. Nevertheless, in today’s red-hot political climate, with a progressive left having scuttled any semblance of civil discourse, and with violent Islamic Jew-hatred running amok under the guise of anti-Zionism, this graveyard vandalism could just as easily be the achievement of the darlings of the liberal world, the bellwethers of freedom-seeking, democracy-loving, melting pot hankering Muslim refugees from a bottomless source of pacifists with nothing but mutual love and respect in their hearts.

It must surely keep the ADL apparatchiks awake at night, the thought that the vandals may be caught. What if it turns out that, heaven forefend, the bad guys are just a couple of teenage misfits or worse – much worse – noble members of Students for Justice in Palestine fresh from violently wrecking a pro-Israeli event on a nearby campus?

How sheepish Obama’s ex errand boy, now ADL Chief, will look if the local sheriffs solve the mystery and haul in two 15 year olds by the scruffs of their necks. How embarrassing it would be for all those Muslim-embracing Jewish organizations if the perpetrators turn out to be the progeny of those very families with whom they broke pitah during a recent vegan Ramadan iftar meal under the stage-managed brilliance of TV lights at a local Reform temple.

Even more gruesome than the acts of vandalism themselves, is the way Muslims have seized this opportunity to show their faux kumbayah spirit. None other than the sheikha of the American Friends of Hamas and queen of the pussy hats, Linda Sarsour, has been out jiggling the pushka to raise funds for the repair of these Jewish burial grounds. So successful has this brilliant example of Taqqiyeh been, that it has raked in a whopping 500% of its original fund-raising goal, with no end yet in sight.

Liberal Jews are moved to tears, debka-dancing in the streets, enthralled with this living, breathing proof of the true peace-loving, brotherhood-craving nature of such members of that other Abrahamic faith community.

Of course no one bothers to reflect on the fact that it was precisely Ms. Sarsour’s loved ones in ‘Palestine’ who actually invented the modern day idea of destroying Jewish cemeteries. On Judaism’s most venerated graveyard, the Mount of Olives, thousands of tombs have been systematically destroyed since 1948 – with headstones being used for the paving of latrines. This ghoulish enterprise continues unabated to this very day with nary a peep from the ADL, the Union of Reform Judaism, J Street and the rest of a delusional liberal Jewry. And, it goes without saying, no Palestinian or other Muslim has ever uttered a word of disgust or remorse at this persistent activity, let alone offered a penny toward any restoration work.

It is mortifying that for liberal Jews anti-Semitism is not an issue, but rather a tool to be used when it suits them. Had these acts of vandalism occurred during the Obama administration there would have been little hue and cry beyond small notices in local newspapers and a few columns in local Jewish weeklies. But now that they can be deployed as a cudgel with which to further flog the White House with spurious accusations of Jew hatred, they suddenly acquire a significance that is out of all proportion to the very pedestrian criminality itself.

The selective dudgeon and crocodile tears of the rainbow tallit coalition is appalling. And it is high time the “as a Jew” mob was called out for its outrageous hypocrisy.

About the Author
J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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