She hopes you are well.

That’s her intent.

She hopes that your meetings

came quickly and went.

That those presentations

got promptly sent


See: I am unwell.

I seek your perspective to save us again.

Give it a name!


Ritalin baby.


Among many students she’s commonly used,

often abused –

for concentration,

little starvation,

She is prescribed to kids for salvation


But you know this.


Still I insist:

She’s common and old.

I wasn’t told.

Ignorance bliss?

More like abyss


But it has worked! Productive I am.



focused: Oh man

More so than ever, Morse code for ‘better’!

Certainly get her.

How is she better?!

To get so darn focused

You’ll get so acute,

Truly! believe me


there’s proof!

I’ve ceased to remember.


Feeling so dark.

Tanner than murk.

I’ve lost her here somewhere

during the night:

She was my savior

my chrism

my sight.

Type, Type, Type,

She’s still, cold and white,

stuck in a snare but no one knew where.

And no one knew where.

Someone once said:

“When you’re young and healthy you can plan on Monday to commit suicide, and by Wednesday you’re laughing again.”

I hope that’s true.


As always,

but never

keep balance


Toda for being

and also for not

I take great joy in writing your story,

I took great ploy in feeling

her glory.

About the Author
Anna Wozniak lives in Tel Aviv. Sometimes, she goes outside. Sometimes, she writes about it. Some. Times.
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