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Real Estate Terms in Israel

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Planning to purchase property in Israel? Interested in local real estate? Looking to improve your professional Hebrew? This glossary will help you understand some of the basic terms of real estate in Israel. Let’s go.

Arnona  – Land tax (municipality tax of the living space, paid every two months or annually)
Adrichal – Architect
Bayit – Home, house
Bedek Bayit – House inspection
Binyan – Building
Chanaya – Parking spot
Chatzer – Courtyard
Cheder – Room
Choze – Written agreement, contract
Dira – Condo, apartment, flat
Dmey Schirut – Monthly rental payment
Dmey Tivuch – Real estate agent or realtor fee
Dunam – a piece of land of 1,000 square meters  or 10,764 square feet
Hearat azhara –Caveat registration, warning note (to ensure rights of the property)
Iriya – Local municipality of a city
Ishur ekroni – Mortgage pre-approval document
Karka – Land
Koma – floor, storey
Kone – Buyer
Maalit – Elevator
Ma’am – VAT, value added tax (17% as of 2022)
Mamad – Safe room, security room in the apartment
Mas rechisha – Purchase tax
Mas shevach – Capital gains tax, betterment tax (when selling your apartment)
Maskir – Renter, landlord
Mashkanta – Mortgage
Meatsev Pnim – Interior designer
Mechir – Price
Metavech – Realtor, real estate agent
Mifrat techni – Tech specs (of a new project, including both apartment and the building)
Mirpeset – Balcony, terrace
Misrad tivuch – Real estate agency
Mocher – Seller
Nadlan – Real estate
Orech din –Attorney, lawyer
Ribit – Interest
Salon – Living room (living room is included in the number of rooms)
Shamai – Appraiser
Shetach – Area, property size
Shiputzim – Renovations
Tama 38 – National Outline Plan for the seismic strengthening of existing buildings
Tamhil – a combination of different loans of your mortgage, each loan at a different interest rate
Va’ad habayit – Tenants committee (both the committee and the monthly payment)

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