Rachel F. Wanetik

Reflecting on Yellow

Rune of Othala

Why are the automobile license plates cast in the same mustardy gold as the stars we were forced to wear just shy of 100 years ago?

In dream analysis, a car is the self; it’s your very being, existence if you will, autonomous you. Upon waking do you remember what you dreamt? Did you travel in a vehicle while you slumbered? Were you circling the block or got lost in a city you didn’t know? Perhaps your mode of transport was a Chariot, a battle tank on the warpath, because we will not go gently into another Nightmare.

In 2004, bright radioactive orange ribbons were worn fiercely opposing disengagement from the Gaza strip. Blue was worn by those who supported withdrawal from that Land. I knew very little then, and now I’m not sure I KNOW much more.

Defiant orange was a harbinger for yellow. A light lemony yellow. A tart citrus dessert that makes your face squinch at the sour and long for the sweet.

The flipped ribbon is Ayin, 70 in Gematria; a crude simple body raising its arms to the Heavens silently screaming: “Where is the Omnipotent?”

The awareness ribbon form is Othala, a Futhark rune representing Ancestral Property, Wisdom, & Homecoming. Way before those other infamous haters took it to validate their bogus narrative.

Turn it, and turn it, (and turn it again.) For Everything is in it.

The brightest hue, like a Sun, which many will never see again.

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Rachel F. Wanetik (@gmail) couldn't have pivoted from Trash or Treasure, a litter cleanup activity and garbage talk at Jerusalem community gardens, to ReeLife Lessons (@gmail), an online series of classes, because it's all educational. Therefore she'll call it an offshoot program 'cause it sounds more nature-like, and she wants nothing more than to share her ideas with whomever wants to listen.
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