Jody Comins
Jewish Mom, Lifelong Zionist, and Activist

Reflection on a Visit to Kibbutz Be’eri

Burnt house at Kibbutz Be’eri. (courtesy)
Burnt house at Kibbutz Be’eri. (courtesy)

The sound of a drone drowned out the
Beautiful song
of birds
while I heard loud
in the distance 2 miles from Gaza on a
Picture perfect
Yarden an avocado farmer  spoke about his experience from the day of the unthinkable with tears in his
Flowers and lemon
in front of scorched buildings that looked like a movie set with items
Strewn about the yard
We learned that each item was scoured for DNA to identify if someone was
or kidnapped
There were 4 young soldiers digging through the earth looking for body parts
Cats wandered about and bathed in the sun I wonder what they
Scorch marks from burnt
I saw ghosts of children
running and playing on
the lawn while listening to a
Voicemail of a
begging for help from Magan David

About the Author
Jody Comins, MSW is a life-long Zionist and Israel activist since her early days working for the University Student Department of the American Zionist Youth Department. She lives outside of Boston with her husband. She is a Divorce & Family Mediator and volunteers as the National Hadassah Chair of Evolve Engagement. She leads several trips for women to Israel as part of one-two year engagement programs. She’s the author of “Speaking Out: Voices of Adult Children of Divorce” and is a “snowbird” in Tel Aviv.
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