David Bedein

Remove Arab Motivation for Terror

​​Practical Proposal for Research and Policy Change

A generation ago, The KGB and East Germany conceived of the Palestine Liberation Organization – to perpetuate the plight of the Arab refugees from the 1948 war, confined to the indignity of 59 UNRWA refugee camps, to make it look as if the Palestinian Arabs represent popular movement for national liberation – not a displaced population which should be settled in humanitarian conditions, like any other refugee population.

Analysis that consolidates the above idea.

Legacy of KGB and East Germany lives on today.

Germany now works with Russia, supporting an Arab terror network that brainwashes UNRWA refugee camp youth to overthrow the Zionist entity- not with a two state solution – but with a two stage solution, by force of arms.

Hence, the PLO has imposed schools on the UNRWA which indoctrinate the next generation towards total war. UNRWA allocates 58 percent of its $1.6 billion budget to “education”- without adherence to UN principles of peace.

The Initiative of the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research :

Gather audiovisual evidence to expose the renewed Russo-German alliance in support of the terror network of the PLO and UNRWA, while presenting UNRWA donor nations with a counter to current UNRWA policy – which confines 6.7 million Arabs to refugee camps- in perpetuity.

The solutions:

Cancel the new UNRWA curriculum which incorporate principles of Jihad, martyrdom and an “right of return” by force of arms, in UN schools which are supposed to promote the UNRWA slogan of “Peace Starts Here.”

Cease paramilitary training in all UNRWA schools UNRWA should demonstrate commitment to UN principles for “peace education”.

Insist that UNRWA dismiss employees who are affiliated with Hamas in accordance with laws on the books in Western nations, which forbid aid to any agency that employs members of a terrorist organization.

Insist that UNRWA cancel its contract with “youth ambassador” Mohammad Assaf to travel the world encouraging violence. Would this not be the appropriate time for donor nations to ask that UNRWA cancel that contract with a harbinger of war?

Ask for an audit of donor funds that flow to UNRWA This would address widespread
documented reports of wasted resources, duplicity of services and the undesired flow of cash to Gaza-based terror groups, which gained control over UNRWA operations in Gaza over the past 18 years.

Introduce UNHCR standards to UNRWA to advance the resettlement of Arab refugees, after 67 years. Current UNRWA policy is that refugee resettlement would interfere with the “right of return” to Arab villages that existed before 1948.

About the Author
David Bedein, who grew up in Philadelphia and moved to Israel in 1970 at the age of 20, is an MSW community organizer by profession and an expereinced investigative journalist. In 1987 he established the Israel Resource News Agency, with offices at the Beit Agron Int’l Press Center in Jerusalem, where he also serves as Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research. In 1991, Bedein was the special CNN middle east radio correspondent. Since 2001, Bedein has contributed features to the newspaper Makor Rishon. In 2006, Bedein became the foreign correspondent for the Philadelphia Bulletin, writing 1,062 articles until the newspaper ceased operation in 2010. He is the author of " The Genesis of the Palestinian Authority" and "ROADBLOCK TO PEACE- How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict: UNRWA policies reconsidered"and the director and producer of the numerous short films about UNRWA policy which can be located at:
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