Reporter’s Diary: Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week — Day 1

This morning I woke up and thought, “I hate Mondays.” Then something clicked in my mind and I realized this was not going to be a regular Monday.

Forty minutes later, I was sitting in a cab in the middle of Tel Aviv’s traffic, wearing a suit and tie and my beloved press pass. As Get Lucky was playing on the radio, the car turned into Hahashmonaim Street, I saw the huge Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week sign, and prepared myself to dive into a parallel world of fancy clothes, glasses of Chardonnay, and chatty bloggers.

The runway at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Photo: Simone Somekh)
The runway at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Simone Somekh)

Tel Aviv’s forthcoming Fashion Mall — which at the moment is a huge, unaesthetic construction site turned into exclusive venue — was packed with guests and I quickly walked into the press room, basically my office/home for the next three days. Here I have breakfast, interview the designers, watch silly Vines of my phone, mingle with the international journalists (I find the Indian delegation to be my favorite so far), write my stories, drink one shot of espresso after the other, take naps, and let the production team spoil me with all sorts of food and special treatments.

Between two shows, I bumped into Fashion Week’s head producer Motty Reif. We had never met before, but he hugged me as if I were an old friend. I told him, “I love how you found the right balance between showcasing the bigger names and putting a spotlight on the new generation of designers.”

Motty chose Marcelo Burlon to be this year’s international guest at the event. I asked him how did that choice come about. “Marcelo is my ex-boyfriend,” he explained. “I love him and I’m so happy to see him doing so well with the t-shirts. He’s become huge.”

Foreign reporter Simone Somekh at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Photo: Simone Somekh)
Foreign reporter Simone Somekh, 21, at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Simone Somekh)

Minutes later, the first show of the day started. Sharon Tal from Maskit — one of Israel’s historic brands — presented the new collection, which was inspired by a series of trips in the desert of the Negev. The encounter with Bedouin art and the seemingly limitless desert landscape motivated Sharon Tal to create a series of elegant pieces, focusing on tight-and-loose contrasts and natural colors, such as cream, sienna, and turquoise.

Back in the press room, I complimented Sharon for the accessories she created for the collection (especially a sienna-colored clutch embroiled with pieces of natural materials.)

“The collection is day to evening,” she told me. Maskit’s woman is a busy businesswoman who doesn’t have time to go home and change between work and nightlife, she explained.

Maskit's show at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Photo: Simone Somekh)
Maskit’s show at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week (Simone Somekh)

Throughout the day, several other designers presented their work. Among them, were Alembika — Hagar Alembik’s anthropology-inspired brand, which produces loose and unorthodox robes — and Betka — a.k.a. Betty Eldad, who stunned everyone with a series of colorful blouses.

As we drank wine to forget the amount of work that awaited us back in the press room, we were satisfied with what we saw today and thrilled to find out what tomorrow holds for us. Yaron Minkowski and Marcelo Burlon are expected to present their new collections, and I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty epic.

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