Jerry Schwartz

Rethinking a 110-Year-Old Family Tradition

Holding up arms shipments to Israel is the Democrat’s last straw for me. The Jew-hatred rife within the Democratic Party, on university campuses, and in the streets of large cities is frightening enough. But willfully hamstringing the Jewish state, the United States’ most reliable ally, and endangering its continued existence by withholding essential munitions in a time of existential war are a clear betrayal.

This is not a time for virtue signaling. It is a time for reexamination of my lifelong voting habits; indeed, the voting pattern of my family going back generations to the first two decades of the 20th century. I still support many traditional democratic issues such as abortion rights and social justice. But now I will assign these issues secondary status. I will now reserve primary status for the most pressing issues of my own and my family and community’s safety and survival, including the survival of the State of Israel. Equally important, I will de-emphasize the weaknesses and flaws of the candidates and consider primarily their current policies and previous successes and failures.

I urge all liberal Jews and thoughtful others to join me in this resetting of political priorities.

About the Author
Jerry Schwartz is a retired physician from the US who now lives in Tel Aviv.
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