Dana Janine Diamond


So, let me get this straight – President Trump and Bannon and Spicer and possibly the spokeswoman for the DOJ conspired with Fox News to fabricate a fake news story. That’s bad enough.

But they exploited the murder of a young Jewish man from Nebraska, to deflect attention from the Russia investigation. Trump and his White House accused Seth Rich, may his memory be for a blessing, of leaking emails from the DNC where he had worked — even though Federal Investigators had proven it was the Russians. Trump used ultra-right-wing crackpot theories to advance their fake story.

Now, the Private Investigator Trump’s team hired, Rod Wheeler, is suing Fox News for false quotes. Fox had retracted the story one week later, but their anchor Sean Hannity continued to promulgate it. Mr. Rich’s parents begged Hannity to stop promoting falsehoods about their son, as it was causing them unbearable anguish.

I know people who have lost children. Some sacrificed their lives defending the freedoms of Democracy. Newly appointed Chief of Staff John Kelly lost his son in our war in Afghanistan.

It’s been reported that he was offended by former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci’s foul language. How can he not be offended by this?

Everyone who had a hand in elevating this disgusting President and his equally reprehensible family to power, should apologize. Trump and family and his White House have no decency, no morality.

Ivanka and Jared Kushner continue to disgrace the Jewish community. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants to be able to look her children in the eye. Way too late for that, honey child. She willingly lies for this immoral and treasonous bunch every day.

In Jewish tradition, dressing and caring for the dead is considered one of the holiest mitzvahs — because the dead cannot thank or show you gratitude. The opposite is also true — desecrating the dead with lies is an evil that deserves unmitigated condemnation. Seth Rich cannot speak up for himself.

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Dana is a Jewish feminist, writer and poet. She is passionate about kindness, spirituality, the artist's voice, and speaking out for the vulnerable. She lives in New York.
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