Robbie Rothenberg’s Great Contribution to the Israeli Community and the Real Estate Industry in the U.S.

Robbie Rothenberg is a renowned businessman and philanthropist based in New York. He is married to Helene Rothenberg, a real estate lawyer, and together they have three beautiful daughters who are following in their footsteps. Robbie is an alumnus of Queens College and Harvard Business School. He has been in business for a long time now and has gained a lot of experience over the years.

RedRock Real Estate Group

Robbie Rothenberg was among the founders of RedRock Real Estate Group LLC, and is now on the company’s management team. RedRock owns and manages several residential properties in Ohio, Chicago, and other areas in the Midwest. Under the leadership of Robbie Rothenberg and the rest of the management team, the company is performing exceptionally well and continues to grow in leaps and bounds.


Robbie has a heart for philanthropy and does not see it as a way to boost business as many people see it today. Many companies and public figures use philanthropy to make themselves look good to the public and to improve their reputation. But for Robbie Rothenberg, it comes straight from the heart and he derives a lot of joy and fulfillment from taking part in philanthropic activities.

He is mainly interested in non-profit organizations whose main focus is improving education, although he supports several other causes such as provision of food and other basic needs for the needy in the community. He is actively involved in the activities of several charities in Jerusalem, showing just how strong his connection to Israel is. In fact, he even did some volunteer work with the Israeli Army.

Some of the non-profit organizations that Robbie is involved with include America-Israel Friendship League where he serves on the board. He is also a board member of Isralight and CarmeiHa’ir, which provides food for the needy in Jerusalem. Robbie serves on the board of Ohr Torah Stone, a non-profit educational institute. Other organizations that Robbie is strongly affiliated with include Aleph Beta Academy, Yeshivat Orayta, Eagle Wings Israel Experience Program, and Kulanu Academy.


Robbie Rothenberg has made a great contribution to the Israeli community through the numerous philanthropic activities he is involved in. He has touched the lives of many and given them a better life and hope for a future through the special education programs he helped establish. His contribution to the real estate industry in the U.S also cannot go unnoticed.

About the Author
Robbie Rothenberg is a dedicated community activist and philanthropist. His strong connection to Israel is exemplified by his having volunteered under the Sar-El program, with the Israeli army on a base near Be'er Sheva. Robbie is one of the founders of Yeshivat Orayta, a Jerusalem based Yeshiva for high school graduates; and serves on the advisory committee of the Eagles Wings Israel Experience Program, which sends Christian college students to Israel to empower them to become advocates for Israel on their respective campuses and beyond.
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