Roosevelt’s anti-Semitism Cost Anne Frank her Life

In 1938, Otto Frank made the first of many legal attempts to get his family to safety in the United States. Quotas were put in place to ensure Jewish children, like Anne Frank suffered horrible fates at the hands of the Nazis, rather than allow them safety.

He made numerous attempts and never even knew he had no chance of success. The United States government, under Roosevelt, did everything to stop Jewish people from legally entering, including Anne Frank.

From Anne Frank House, Research into Otto Frank’s attempts to emigrate to the United States:

“Otto’s emigration attempts were mapped out step by step in the context of the wartime developments in Europe and the United States. Although the United States had a far from generous policy with regard to Jewish refugees, it is clear that Otto, Edith, Margot and Anne Frank were not refused entry to the United States. Because of all the developments Otto’s immigration visa application to the American consulate in Rotterdam was never processed.”

Not processing applications at consulates and embassies was one of the many tricks used by the Roosevelt Administration to keep Jewish people out of all ages.

Neither Roosevelt nor anyone in his administration cared about what was happening to Jewish children, including Anne Frank. Had there been support from Roosevelt, the Wagner-Rogers Bill would have passed, which could have saved her life.

From the Jewish Virtual Library, U.S. Policy During WWII: The Wagner-Rogers Bill (1939):

“In early 1939, in response to the Kristallnacht pogrom, U.S. Senator Robert Wagner (D-New York) and Rep. Edith Rogers (R-Massachusetts) introduced legislation to admit 20,000 German–presumably Jewish–children to the United States, outside America’s strict immigration quotas.”

20,000 Jewish children who were born in Germany, which included Anne Frank, could have been saved from the Nazis. Despite a large number of people who supported the Bill from all walks of life, Roosevelt was silent and let it die in Congress.

When Roosevelt was silent about a Bill, it meant he disapproved of it. That was enough to kill the Bill he never would have signed even if it reached his desk. He did not see them as children, but Jewish children not deserving to be saved.

That now famous diary recorded the events that led to going into hiding and what life was like for two years before she and her family was discovered. Her words never had to wait had Roosevelt not hated Jewish people of all ages. She could have spoken them herself from the safety of the United States.

Those quotas Roosevelt refused to loosen, purposeful actions of not processing applications, and refusal to support the Wagner-Rogers Bill was the reason Anne Frank died a terrible death. They were innocent, and Roosevelt did not care.

He was callous towards suffering of children for no other reason than they were Jewish. Anne Frank was one of many young lives snuffed out and should never be forgotten that she and those other children died due to Roosevelt’s anti-Semitism that never ended until he died.

The simple fact is the United States was, and remains, a vast country that could have taken every Jewish person to safety from Hitler’s grasp. Millions of lives, including children like Anne Frank, could have been saved had Roosevelt cared about the suffering of Jewish people in Europe. He chose to let Anne Frank and millions of other Jewish people them suffer and die because they were Jewish.

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