Alan Place

Russian roulette

There is a lot of chatter about the threat of Russia causing the next world war – in my opinion; they won’t do it – Iran is far more likely to start the war.

Even to this day, tales of the fighting in Stalingrad and the slaughter of Babiyar haunt the Russian psyche. Since my days in the Royal Air Force, back in the late 70’s, Russian planes have come into the UK airspace. It is a running joke.

Iran, on the other hand, has no conscience and is willing to do the evil deed, why else would they have a nuclear missile stockpile aimed at Israel.

Russia knows well that it doesn’t have the military power to wage war, but Iran wouldn’t wage war, they’d press the button and get the missiles off before a strike from the West destroyed the country.

Israel has every right to defend herself from the continuous threat of attack, and the recent UNESCO decisions have only worsened the plight of the Jewish nation. Of course Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, recent finds out a Jewish population there over 2,500 years ago, but it is up to all of us to protect and preserve our heritage. I know this because two years ago, my mother died and with her went my link to my family in Yorkshire.

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Alan Pace is a Christian writer from Yorkshire who has lived in Bristol since 1963. His religion is spiritual, and he believes in the afterlife. Alan's political affiliation is Independent; he votes for what he feels is best for the country regardless of the party.
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