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Salesforce and Intel Tease Each Other. Who’s More Loyal to the Israeli Innovation


Following the acquisition of the Israeli Moovit, by Intel for $900M, a social media “teasing” discussion by Salesforce and Intel, caught the attention of the Israeli Startups ecosystem

In recent days the main discussions in the Israeli Startup ecosystem is the huge exit of Israeli App, Moovit. The acquisition by intel, came a week after the Israeli independence day. In the main event of the celebrations of that day, the Israeli government chooses different people and organizations, to “light a beacon” in the Israeli “Menora”. A ceremony which is broadcasted in all the national TV stations. Usually the ones who are chosen to light the beacon, carry a small speech, which ends up when saying the statement “to the glory of the state of Israel”.

Back to Intel and Sales Force discussion. The Israeli Sales force R&D was greeting Intel for the acquisition, over Facebook. However, the response of Intel to the greeting became the “talk of the day”..

The discussion starts off by Sales Force R&D saying :

“Hi Intel, we truly congratulate you on the acquisition of Moovit!

However, not that we’re doing any comparison, but we wish to remind you that we (SF) already acquired 6 Israeli companies in the recent years… So please stand in line if you wish to light a beacon”… ¬†

The answer of Intel was hilarious:

” Hey ‘cute’ Salesforce, we truly adore you. Even when you get confused and forget that we had acquired 16 Israeli companies, 6 of them in the recent 6 years.

But it is fine, all of us, the 12,800 Israeli employees( of Intel) loves you very much, and we hope you are enjoying using our products.

If at some point, someone from your team, will get the chance to light a beacon at Mount Herzel, on Independence day, let us know, so we’ll make sure that one of our drones, who takes part in the ceremony will take their picture.

By the way, are you also responsible for 1% of the Israeli GDP? We simply can’t remember such a fact”..

In Israel there are over 500 Corporate Companies who either have local Israeli R&D, or Innovation hub. Usually they compete over Israeli talents to work for them, or companies to Invest at or acquire. However, from this discussion it is obvious that the bond of some of the Corporate Companies to Israel is very strong.

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Mr. Avihai (Avi) Michaeli has served in Business Executive positions in the Israeli business ecosystem, in the recent 25 years. Avihai held positions like VP Sales & Marketing, and few times as CEO. After managing a Startup for 6 years, on behalf of its investor, it got acquired. Ever since then he started mentoring various Startups on behalf of their investors, helping them get funded or M&A's. Avihai servers either as an advisory to the Companies management, or take an Interim active role. Mr. Michaeli is also doing innovation scouting for various international brands, introducing them to relevant Startups upon their needs. Avihai writes posts and articles about the Startups ecosystem and gets interviewed about the subject quite often
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