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Samba Takes Android Wearables to a Whole New Level with Glanceable Video Previews

Video previews on watches are the next big thing for Android devices
TV by phone (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
TV by phone (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

I continue to be a fan of what  Barak Hachamov, CEO of Samba.me is doing with his company.   I met him last year at SXSW 2014, where the company won the best social app of the conference.

When I think of “wearables,” I think of health and fitness solutions.

Been there.  Done that. Hmmm… sort of lame…

What’s been missing is the fun – and the opportunity to really connect with others in real time.

Today, Samba.me is announcing their entry into this world comes in the form of glanceable video previews.



Today’s users are not able to play videos on Android watches and Samba will be the first app that will allow you to receive a glanceable video preview on any Android smartwatch.

The power of feedback has been the driving force for Samba. Friends and family members can send video messages to each other while the receiving party has their reaction automatically recorded and sent back.

The end result is a video that plays fully synchronized with the original
video. The messaging experience instantly becomes closer, more honest, and more fun.

The apps integration with Android smartwatch is an expansion to that on your mobile device.

Now the user is able to feel an array of emotions as he peeks at this preview sent to him, but only at a glance, and thus remains present in the real world.

At any time, the user can tap the icon on the watch screen to open the video on his phone.

If you have any Android watch, you can utilize the new glanceable video previews currently on your device, along with you Samba app on your Android phone.

The Samba glance video preview feature is not merely a duplication of the Samba application as seen on the phone, but is optimized to the way the smartwatch is designed to be used.

“We see wearables as another fantastic way for us to provide value to our users and leverage new technology to make video messaging, with reactions, an even more integral tool for today’s communication,” Hachamov, told me in a phone interview.

Barak sees a very promising future for video messaging within the wearables category and is trying to pioneer the efforts in this direction. – and so do I !

Hee’s a Q.A. for more details…

Q: Today users are not able to play video on Android smartwatch. How were you able to create the glance video feature

A: We found a way that allowed us to bypass the limitations of the wearable device in order to provide glanceable video preview. Samba will be the FIRST app that will allow you to receive a galnceable VIDEO preview on ANY Android smartwatch

Q: Why did you decide to offer glanceable video previews?

A: The smartwatch device has its limitations and the purpose of the smart watch is to have this glance view. Samba smartwatch extension, allow the user to feel an array of emotions as he peeks at this preview sent to him, but only at a glance, and thus remains present in the real world. At any time, the user can tap the icon on the watch screen to open the video on his phone.

Q: Why didn’t you create full app experience so that it would allow you to send and receive video?

A: The current technology is insufficient to provide a fully fledged application to allow full videos to play on the smartwatch. The way the Samba app was designed for the smartwatch fully optimises the way that the watch is designed to be used. We perceived the watch as the extension of the phone ­ this is not a replacement  it is an information extension that allows you to perceive the information more quickly.

Q: Are you available only on smartwatches with Cameras?

A: No. today, we are available on all Android smartwatches that exist in the market and will be available on the Apple watch later this year.
It appears that at this market phase, the main vendors of smartwatches are gearing away from cameras on smartwatches. This can be seen with Samsung’s new flagship, which does not have a camera. This will most likely be the same with the Apple watch.

Q: Who do you believe your target market is for this app on the Android Wearable? 

A: People who own smartwatches currently are very early adapters. As we move forward and wearables become more advanced we believe that this gadget category will gain a lot momentum and more people will turn to using wearables. We also believe that a not



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